The Green Man returns…

When we asked people about improvements on Bearwood Road last Autumn, one of the points that a number of people raised was the difficulty, particularly for the elderly, in getting across the road safely.

Since the 'green man' was removed from the crossing some years ago, pedestrians were clearly uneasy when crossing without a visible indication in front of them letting them know it was safe to cross.

Well, they're coming back!

The first one is currently being installed on the Bearwood Road crossing near St Mary's Church, and the other crossings will follow, although the lights by the Bear junction will not be included until Highways and Planning officers have finished looking at the possible reconfiguration of that junction.

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4 Responses to The Green Man returns…

  1. hazel shipton says:

    commonsense returns to bearwood,welcome home green man crossing

  2. zulekia says:

    A welcome improvement

  3. Kazzy Bee says:

    I feel the bleep noise should never have been taken away. If you are visually impaired you have no way of getting across the road without another form of signal. Certainly on a busy high St, the more senses one can use, the better.

  4. Mike Jones says:

    Excellent news!!!

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