Planning Inspector set to visit Thimblemill Rec site

The developers who want to build 'luxury homes' on the woodland on the Thimblemill Recreation site have

appealed against Sandwell Panning Committee's rejection of their planning application.

Their appeal is to the to the national Planning Insectorate – based in Bristol – and the Inspector who will decide whether the development should proceed, is due to carry out a site visit next week.

Residents and objectors to the planning application are welcome to attend and show their strength of feeling about the development, although as the visit is intended to look at the site itself, it is unlikely the Inspector will talk to objectors, nor listen to their arguments. As the original decision to refuse the application considered the level of local opposition, a good turnout cold have an impact.

Anyone wishing to attend and show the level of public concern should meet outside the Thimblemill Rec entrance on:

21st April 2015

at 11.00am

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4 Responses to Planning Inspector set to visit Thimblemill Rec site

  1. Christine says:

    How is a Planning Committee in Bristol going to know what is best for Bearwood and its Rate Payers .

  2. Hi, is there an online protest / petition we can all join to support this? Many thanks.

    • Bob says:

      Hi Sorina. There was at the time of the planning committee hearing, with over 1200 signatures if I recall correctly, and that was submitted to the committee.

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