Massage Parlour latest!

Sandwell Council's planning officers have rejected an application for the continuing use of the premises at 497 Hagley Road (Bubbles) as a massage parlour.

The reasons given are that given the previous history of the premises for criminal activity, and in light of a visit by West Midland police to inspect the premises, it was likely that granting planning permission would be allowing the opening of a brothel.

Thank you to the 32 people who wrote objecting to the proposal, and to the police for taking such a proactive approach to the prevention of crime.

The full text of the planning officers' report is here.

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14 Responses to Massage Parlour latest!

  1. Greyken1957 says:

    Good news indeed, Bob.

  2. malcolm hutchinson says:

    At least its a buisness !!!!! you seem determined to close every shop in Bearwood – – there’s bareley anything left !!!! Utter disgrace !!!!!

  3. Bob says:

    Name me one shop we have closed (knocking shops excluded).

    • malcolm hutchinson says:

      Have you actually walked down bearwood road lateley ?? If youre not closing them — who is ????? What have you actually done to encourage business ?? Put the parking fees up maybe ??? Politicians —

      • Bob says:

        Yes, I walk down there frequently. Most of the empty shops are in a single block between Hagley Road and Anderson Road. They are primarily empty because the London-based property company which owns them have gone into administration. The council don’t own any shops, and don’t set the rent or rates for shops, so I’m not sure how you think the council are responsible. Oh yes, parking charges!!!

        Parking charges are almost totally irrelevant as you can park easily and free on the side streets of Bearwood at almost any time.

        Of course, given your clear upset at the loss of this particular business, perhaps you can explain how a brothel, operating almost exclusively between the hours of 9pm-6am would do anything for the shopping experience or trade in Bearwood (again, if we could exclude the trade in people trafficking!)

  4. Elaine Hook says:

    Very good news Bob.

  5. hazel shipton says:

    to all the people who contacted the planning office thank you sometimes people power does work!

  6. Dave Marsh says:

    I may sound thick but whats the property company going broke go to do with the empty shops?
    Does it mean there is no one to rent from so they stand empty?

  7. Dave Marsh says:

    Cheers for that! cant say I’m sorry Bubbles/Cuddles is gone I just hope someone removes that god awful frontage, a derelict brothel is as bad as a operating one.

  8. Dave Marsh says:

    has this place re-opened?

  9. Bob says:

    Perhaps they’re going to try to sell it! Hopefully.

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