Have you paid your car tax?

Now that there are no longer any car tax discs on car windscreens you may not know if the cars parked in your street have paid their road fund license. But that doesn't mean the people from the DVLA don't know whether your vehicle is taxed or not.

In recent weeks there have been a number of examples in the Smethwick/Bearwood area of vehicles been clamped by the DVLA for failure to pay their road tax. The follow-up to this is the car loader comes round, the car is seized and is not released until a fine and the outstanding tax is paid on the vehicle.

It really isn't worth it, be warned!

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2 Responses to Have you paid your car tax?

  1. Businesswoman says:

    I’m personally quiet pleased about this. I always pay my road tax and did wonder how not having a visible road tax disc would actually help catch road tax dodgers?

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