Lightwoods Park survey

Dear All,


Just a request regarding the online user survey for the Lightwoods Park and House restoration project – If you haven’t had chance to do so already please could you spare 5-10 minutes to help us out with this data collection and analysis by completing a short survey about the park and house and the restoration project?


The survey can be accessed using the following URL:


I would be very grateful if you could fill this out before 24th February 2015 as data analysis will be taking place then ready for submission to HLF at the end of February 2015.

Many thanks in advance for your assistance!


Kind regards,




Cherie O’Sullivan

Lightwoods Park Project Manager

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2 Responses to Lightwoods Park survey

  1. ren says:

    park was looking nice ..last summer..but people have started to let their dogs foul..i live right opposite the park..lightwoods hill/adkins lane..and cant believe the amount of dog poo on the pavements lately..right near the park..also the litter could be picked up more often in the park..but the park is looking thing would be lovely and that is to have more events in the park like car boot sales/fetes?activities for kids n parents..on the field the back of the dog?

  2. joe beale says:

    Hi I’m one of the riders who who helped get the park re-build an designed the ramps an the think we need a bigger spine as it was re-built once and wasn’t build correct also I ththink the the free space behind the back quarter ‘big patch of concreat’ could do with a small secion of ramps for new rider’s to learn an start on as that would attract more people an encourage parents to teach there kids if they can do them too. We could do with more cameras to tbh because there a lot of expensive bikes an skatepark realated crime is on the rise,

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