Developers to appeal GKN Rec decision

The developers proposing to build luxury homes on the natural woodland on the GKN Recreation Club are appealing against Sandwell Planning Committee's decision to refuse planning consent.

An appeal will now be heard by the national Planning Inspectorate based in Bristol (so much for the government's much trumpeted commitment to 'localism') who will make decision about whether to allow the destruction of the woodland and the building to commence.

Smethwick councillor Richard Marshall, in whose Ward the land is, said, “It is very sad that the developers and the club have just ignored the views of local people and are still going to try to concrete over the last piece of natural woodland in Smethwick. The council will be obliged to defend the planning committee decision and we will be looking get submissions from experts in the environmental field to demonstrate the decision to protect the woodland was the right thing to do.”


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3 Responses to Developers to appeal GKN Rec decision

  1. adamcarey says:

    extraneous “not” and missing “to”? Is it “we will be looking to get submissions from experts…”


  2. Dave Marsh says:

    Greed never rests does it?

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