Not again…

10 years ago the police raided Cuddles, a 'private massage parlour' on the Hagley Road opposite the Kings Head. You can read the lurid details here and you will see that it wasn't really a massage parlour at all, but a sordid operation involving prostitution and people trafficking of young women from Eastern Europe.

As a result of the raid the owner was jailed for a number of offences, including the possession of firearms.

Fast forward four years, and what do we find in the adjoining property, with a near identical sign, but another 'private massage club' but this one called Bunnys Club and tastelessly advertising itself as 'Birmingham's Hottest Massage Parlour'. As you can see from their marketing, the 'massage' on offer appears to be designed to appeal to a very specific clientele. Eventually the council was able to close the place down because it hadn't got the appropriate planning permission.

Well, guess what? On the site of the original Cuddles we now find, with a remarkably similar signage, a planning application for… a private massage and beauty parlour! This one is called Bubbles, and although their website and Twitter feed appear to have been hastily taken down, it was not before we managed to get a screenshot which illustrated just exactly the sort of gentlemen's relaxation they had in mind in their advertising.

Well, is this the sort of establishment you think will enhance Bearwood? Or do you think that a 'private massage club' which advertises and markets it's services in this blatant manner, just yards away from two secondary schools, is wholly inappropriate and likely to encourage potential criminal behaviour in our neighbourhood?

If you think the latter you can raise your objection to the planning application by writing to Sandwell Council's Planning Officer, Dean Leadon, via quoting reference number: DC/15/57809

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7 Responses to Not again…

  1. Elisabeth Higgs says:

    I object to this business in Bearwood. I feel it is not In line with the kind Of community we want to build, live in and bring our children up in.
    I wholeheartedly object to the planning application.

  2. lisa shirley says:

    This is definitely not a good thing, these kind of establishments should not be open anywhere and certainly not in Bearwood. I most certainly object to planning permission

  3. vonniehay1 says:

    Reblogged this on vonniehay and commented:
    hope the council come to their senses and oppose this, Please write to the planning officer and put forward your thoughts.

  4. Steve says:

    I see nothing wrong with establishment bee reopened,
    It has been there for over 30 years I would point out all the above reporting of cuddles has bee proven to be totally misleading, rather then make fictitictous newspaper headlines contact the
    Trial judge who is fully a where ( his honour judge Dudley )who dealt with the case, and has made comments to the public regarding this matter, and ask his opinion

    • Bob says:

      Whatever the trial judge may think privately, no-one disputes it was a brothel, and nineteen women from ten countries, including Albania, Kosovo and Latvia, were found to be working as prostitutes in the massage parlour.

      Where do you live Steve, perhaps we could get a brothel closer to your home for you?

  5. Dave Marsh says:

    Now that’s an election promise-stuff UKIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dave Marsh says:

    Seriously close cuddles/bubbles and plough the ground with salt its a disgrace.

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