Graffiti removal

Whilst some graffiti may be regarded as 'street art' – mostly only by the 'artist' themselves you may think – much of it is unsightly and/or obscene and does nothing to enhance the appearance of buildings it is daubed over. There is currently, through West Midlands Probation Service a graffiti removal service which at this current time is still FREE to Private Domestic or Commercial Premises.

Please be advised that not all graffiti can be removed it will depend on the surface that the graffiti has been applied to, however most graffiti can be covered up by a surface coating.

So if you have any graffiti which requires removal please contact us via, with details of the address and preferably with a picture (if possible) of the graffiti and we will refer it to the removal service.

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4 Responses to Graffiti removal

  1. John says:

    The best bit of graffiti I’ve seen scrawled on a wall is:-

    1. Vandalism
    2. Irony
    3. Lists

  2. Dave Marsh says:

    This is unrelated to Graffiti but i suppose its Bearwood related When did the council designate the pavement at the top of the town as a car park? I know its wide but i counted 7 cars lined up earlier this week
    Sorry for being ‘off topic’

    • Bob says:

      They haven’t, Dave, but the land outside those vacant shops is private land and the council parking wardens have no authority to ticket them…and the police say they won’t ‘unless they see them crossing the pavement’. Which strikes me as crazy because just exactly how else would they have got there!

      • Dave Marsh says:

        Ah thank’s for that! those poor wardens will ‘fizz up and bost’ as they say round here hope that’s caught on camera!
        As for Graffiti removal my lad has a game where you get points for spraying stuff with that ‘street’ garbage you are facing an uphill struggle but best of luck its a worthy fight.

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