It’s Super Saturday…

Forget Black Friday or Cyber Monday, tomorrow in Bearwood it's Super Saturday!

First up, the second of this year's Bearwood Handmade Winter Fairs will be on at Bearwood Baptist Church in Rawlings Road, with lots of gifts and craft objects to help fill the gaps in your Christmas shopping…and even some foodie stuff!

Over the road, in the newly refurbished Bearwood Snooker Centre you can pop-in and see what's on offer at the table-top sale.

Then the Abbey Road Mad as a Hatter monthly street market is being all decked out with a Christmas theme, and there will be a range of stalls chutneys, gifts, waffles, children's clothes, chocolate and jewellery. Oh, and guess which special guest is going to be there….

And of course, if you haven't already stocked up from the best shop in Bearwood, you would be bananas not to call in to the magnificent Webbs Walled Garden. An absolute Aladdin's Cave of secret delights, with potential gifts for family members of all ages… and if you're really good and behave yourself, you might just get lucky and be able to sneak a peck under the mistletoe from Bearwood's prettiest Xmas pud!

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  1. Reblogged this on Rose and Rainbow Photography and commented:
    Bob my friend you have managed to find such a wonderful picture of me I’m sure it will everyone flocking to the shop. 😊

    Thank you for posting about us. Much love x

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