You’ve only got until 4pm….

…to visit Bearwood's first food festival, and the way things are going you may need to get there before then, because at midday it was getting pretty packed. Now, where's my scone and cream!

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4 Responses to You’ve only got until 4pm….

  1. Jenny Pugh says:

    Very, very pleased to see so many people there at midday! I hope this is the first of many.

  2. Businesswoman says:

    Great event, didn’t take long to go round but definitely stalls I enjoyed visiting. Can I just say, I stood at one stall and it took far too long to get served as it seemed to take all three of them to serve one customer……in the end I had to ask if anyone was serving…. and it still took too long to put the two items I brought into a bag?? But yes, of course I would visit again.

  3. Great event. I understand this will be a yearly event. Since this is a food festival why not have one in every season of the year?

    • Bob says:

      I suspect the organisers will rethink the frequency in light of the popularity, but it must take a lot of organising. If they don’t I’m sure other people who have spoken about putting on a food market will give it a go.

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