From tiny acorns…

…mighty oak trees grow!

The Farmers' Market in Moseley, voted one of the best in the country, grew out of local residents getting together and organising it themselves. Yes, they got the City Council's highways and markets people to help and advise, but it was their energy and effort that have made it the success it is today.

Next weekend sees the Bearwood Pantry take the initiative to put on the first Bearwood Food Festival, with lots of innovative ideas to let people not just visit, but actively participate. Please try to pop along and give them your support, to paraphrase the late JFK… ask not what Bearwood can do for you, see what you can do for Bearwood!


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5 Responses to From tiny acorns…

  1. keithbracey says:

    Brilliant Bob……it will be a great day for Bearwood ……and who knows where it may lead……Brilliant #Westwood!

  2. keithbracey says:

    Flipping predictive text……for Westwood……please read #Bearwood!

    • Bob says:

      I thought you were talking football, Keith!!

      • keithbracey says:

        Don’t talk to me about the Villa, Bob……our best start in years squandered by 4 successive defeats with no goals scored……our worst run since 2001…….a relegation struggle maybe on the cards again mate! BTW…..I am sitting in the new Library of Birmingham on my tablet using the free wireless to reply to you……the LoB is my new fave place in Brum and much as I did not agree with Mike Whitby ( a Warley resident in Harborne Road just up from the Woods) I must admit his “vanity project” the Library is magnificent internally….not so sure about the old bike wheels on the outside…..and the other thing this place’s Civic ambition has done is that it has put books learning, reading and writing on a pedestal as something we can all aspire to with the fantastic facilities on offer……..great place!

  3. keithbracey says:

    Sorry Bob banging on about Birmingham again……I must admit I love Sandwell libraries too…..My fave two are Langley……where I am a “Friend of the Library’ and the new one in Oldbury….I’m always in there buying their surplus books for 10p!……and I must admit the new Oldbury library freed up the old library building there to become the “Court of Requests” pub……another of my favourite Oldbury places… a student of the Great War I had not realised that many of the first tanks were Made in the Oldbury Carriage Works and in Wednesbury……to someone whose Nottingham University degree dissertation was on “Tanks in the Great War” it was a great thing for me to find out looking at the old photos of tanks being made in the Carriage Works in “The Court”……Marvellous Black Country history Bob!

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