Recently Dudley Castle has hit the national headlines with a visitor taking a picture of the castle's notorious 'Grey Lady'. More locally, for generations kids around here get to hear stories of Warley Woods very own Grey Lady.

Well now you can add Lightwoods House to your list of ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night. With Halloween nearly upon us, Richard Marshall Chair of the Friends of Lightwoods thought this was an apt time to release the following video, taken by Willenhall Paranormal Society earlier this year. It is expected to be the first of a number of 'visits' planned by the Society into Lightwoods House.

Richard Marshall said….”With such a long and chequered history, Lightwoods House is bound to hold some stories and some spirits within the walls. Hopefully Glen and his team (and maybe some of the braver members of the Friends group can meet up with them!”

Glen Smith, leader of Paranormal Society added…… “It's great to study a property as old as Lightwoods. We have looked at many buildings all over the Black Country and we can confirm that following the first visit the team have picked up enough data to suggest that there may be 2 or 3 'curious' sprits in the house. We had a few things that happened on and off camera, such as a couple of the team had their radio mics that we wear around our necks tugged. Also, there was over a 5 degree temperature drop on the servant's stairwell for a short period of time in the early hours of the morning. We can't wait for the next visit, hopefully whoever is there will get to realise we mean them no harm and will get more playful”



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