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First World War exhibition

There is an exhibition commemorating the 1st World War tomorrow between 10am and 3pm and again next Saturday at St Mary's Church Hall. Should be good.    

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You’ve only got until 4pm….

…to visit Bearwood's first food festival, and the way things are going you may need to get there before then, because at midday it was getting pretty packed. Now, where's my scone and cream!

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Storytime at Thimblemill

This is a spin off from the sell out event Tell me on a Sunday that ran for 3 years at the Ikon gallery in Birmingham. From these shows, Cat Weatherill the host chose the creme de la crème, from … Continue reading

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Lightwoods Park update

There has been a lot of speculation about what will be happening in Lightwoods Park, what elements are due to close, and when. Here, Cherie O'Sullivan, Project Officer for Sandwell Council, provides some of the answers. Lightwoods Park and House … Continue reading

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From tiny acorns…

…mighty oak trees grow! The Farmers' Market in Moseley, voted one of the best in the country, grew out of local residents getting together and organising it themselves. Yes, they got the City Council's highways and markets people to help … Continue reading

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Support your local traders

Here at the Bearwood Blog we like food fairs and farmers' markets, and only recently praised the splendid Leamington Spa Food Fair, saying we could do something like that in Bearwood. Well, now, the Bearwood Pantry folk are putting on … Continue reading

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Recently Dudley Castle has hit the national headlines with a visitor taking a picture of the castle's notorious 'Grey Lady'. More locally, for generations kids around here get to hear stories of Warley Woods very own Grey Lady. Well now … Continue reading

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In good company…

Well, what do you know, The Telegraph (not our normal daily read) has published a feature about Britain's Best Councils. Modesty prevents us telling you who they think is ninth best!  

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Work due to start on danger junction

“Road works due to start on the Hagley Road” is probably not the headline most drivers want to read at the moment, given the months of delays caused by the reconfiguration of the Kings Head junction, and the seemingly endless … Continue reading

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Some great photos from the Bearwood Jam…

Photos edited by Donston Taylor-Powell Rewind Live Sessions via Tom Naylor's Facebook Page, where you can see loads more!  

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