Planning Committee reject Thimblemill Rec plans

Sandwell Council's planning committee this evening voted to reject plans to build luxury homes on the land alongside Thimblemill pool.

Smethwick Ward councillors Richard Marshall and Linda Horton, and Abbey councillor Bob Piper urged the committee to throw out the plans because they were damaging to wildlife, destroyed the natural woodland, and the developers had not demonstrated that these homes would benefit the area. They also pointed out that Thimblemill Road was an accident blackspot, and the opening to the new estate was in a dangerous stretch of road where school children cross.

Highways officers assured they thought the road was safe – despite the fact that a crossing point was installed there only about a year ago.

Councillor Steve Trow raised some good points about the section of the report which said the land was under-utilised. “It isn't under-utilised by the wildlife and fauna that exist on that land.” Councillor Roger Horton agreed, saying, “I cannot accept that this will not represent a loss of visual amenity, as well as the other creatures that share this planet with us.”

Refusal was carried unanimously!


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20 Responses to Planning Committee reject Thimblemill Rec plans

  1. Philip Kelly says:

    Thanks goodness someone has the sense to throw this planing
    out phil. Use brown field site’s first

  2. zulekia says:

    Absolutely brilliant news

  3. keithbracey says:

    Local democracy in action…….residents did NOT want this and our Councillors listened to the voice of the people…..well done Bob, Richard, Linda, Steve and Roger… listened to us!

  4. Jenny Pugh says:

    It really is brilliant news – well done and thank you for all your hard work.

  5. J Essom says:

    common sense prevails considering the empty “luxury” homes on the site of the former Two Brewers public house.

  6. Brenda Thompson says:

    Hooray Hooray Hooray. Great News for the local Community. A Big Thank You Richard, Bob, Linda and Roger. Job well done

  7. hazel shipton says:

    thank you to every single person who helped in anyway to not only inform every step of the way but also to all those who have fought for this wonderful site on behalf of all the residents ladies and gentlemen commonsense has prevailed thank you

  8. Jean McMillan says:

    Good news and well done.

  9. CHRISTINE Hodgkinson Remnant says:

    Thank you Sandwell Council .a truly sense able decision .Well done to all those local people for helping to keep the last little piece of Wildllife in the area

  10. Thank the lord someone has some sense to think of nature rather than line thier own pockets its great news.

  11. Dave Marsh says:

    Sense in Sandwell really well done I’ve got to admit I am concerned where they will target next.
    As for the Two Brewers site isn’t that the daftest bit of planning- no private drives and ‘gardens’ big enough for a rotary washing line

  12. Dave Marsh says:

    I know its a daft question but what makes a home ‘luxury’?

  13. Phil Kelly says:

    That’s really great news
    Fond memories of my child hood phil

  14. Billy Rubin says:

    Didn’t ‘Linda’ approve of the proposal?

  15. Billy Rubin says:

    And who actually owns the land?

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