Tonight, between 6pm and 8pm there is a drop-in session to give you an opportunity to take a look at some draft plans for improvements along Bearwood Road

It isn't a 'meeting' in the sense that you turn up, sit quietly during a presentation, and then maybe get a chance to ask a question. You can pop-in anytime during the two hours, take a look at the plans, have a talk with a planner or councillor if you want, and let us know what you think of the suggestions, or make some of your own.

We've already had some good feedback online, and if you can't make it to St Mary's Church Hall tonight, there will be another opportunity on Saturday morning at Bearwood Baptist Church in Rawlings Road.

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3 Responses to Drop-in….

  1. keithbracey says:

    I know this is not related to this thread however I could not find the original post…..

    Returning from work on the 120 bus down Sandon Road this afternoon, I was pleased to see a number of workmen undertaking construction work on one of the oldest Bearwood buildings, the old cottage next to the former Sandon Road Methodist Church (the Red Brick one, not the more modern one which it moved to) and Drayton Road

    This lovely old cottage, which I don’t think is listed by Sandwell Council ( Bob….please advise?) was knocked about with inappropriate windows being fitted and other abominations taking place to its old fabric…..

    Glad to see the cottage is being brought back into use as it was just sitting there rotting…..

    Hopefully there will be someone living in it soon…….Good news for Bearwood along with the Bearwood Road Improvements…..

    Anything that enhances Bearwood’s streetscape is to be welcomed.

    This old building deserves some TLC after being knocked from pillar to post by the owner who I think was more interested in the land the cottage sits on than the building itself, which I think he wanted to knock down and build a new house on the land it stands on……..

    Of course I could be wrong……..?……But I doubt it!…….He or she probably did not even know it was an old building of importance to Bearwood residents as one of the oldest in the town……????

    • Dave Marsh says:

      That’s the problem with it not being listed it remains ‘a building’ and too many inept or greedy ‘developers’ can do what they want unfortunately some grand designs should be left on the back of the fag packet where they belong

      • keithbracey says:

        Agreed Dave…..methinks the owners of this cottage were only interested in the land and NOT the building which WAS a lovely old cottage and has now been ‘knocked about a bit’

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