Luvvely grub – we could do this!

The Leamington Spa Food and Drink Festival is a terrific example of something we could consider in Lightwoods Park, particularly in front of Lightwoods House when it has been restored.

The Leamington Festival is promoted in conjunction with their local Business Improvement District, (BID), a traders organisation where local businesses pay a small amount of additional business rates, but which they then have total control of how it is spent – which is something we would also like to encourage in Bearwood. The Food and Drink Festival has over 140 stall holders, and it attracts many of the local businesses, giving them an opportunity to display their produce. Also there are stallholders from surrounding districts, selling drink – alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and foods and food related products from every corner of the world.

It attracts thousands, if not tens of thousands of people in to the town, very many of whom go on to spend money in the local shops, bars and restaurants. They also have music on the bandstand and a mini-fair for younger children.

(Incidentally, the lads with the BBQ were from West Bromwich…)


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10 Responses to Luvvely grub – we could do this!

  1. Matt Bullock says:

    That’s exactly what we need, spot on. I agree with you absolutely. We don’t have anything like this in Bearwood or Sandwell as far as I’m aware at present so let’s do it. A monthly or bi-monthly food event would be ideal but even quarterly or bi-annually is better than the nothing we have at present.I would be very keen to get involved to plan and support. Let’s celebrate the region’s produce and use this to support independent and local businesses!

    • Bob says:

      Thanks Matt. The difficulty at the moment is the restoration work starts in January and quite a lot of the bottom of the park, and the area around the House will be fenced off for the duration. I’m of the view that we could try something a bit smaller, perhaps next Spring, using maybe the area around the park extension. The problem with that is there isn’t much spin-off for the shopping area.

    • Richard says:

      Thanks for your comments Matt, and offer of help and support which is always welcomed. As chair of the friends of Lightwoods I know we have always wanted something like this around the House to help reinvigorate the area in general as well as bringing visitors into the park, and I know with the experience we have of putting on large scale events such as Mayday we could easily do something to rival Leamington

  2. Just spent the day in Harborne enjoying the Arts Mile event organised by Edgbaston Arts Forum…. we could do that as well :O)

  3. Dave Marsh says:

    You could do something similar to the farmers market they hold monthly at Birmingham Uni it doesn’t take up a massive amount of room and the foods varied and tasty.

  4. There are some fantastic ideas on here. I think they all sound feasible with some support.. Its great to see such enthusiasm for Bearwood and its park and woods. Dont know much about organising these events but happy to support anyway I can. I often go to different Citys and Towns at the weekend and a lot of places do similar things. It does bring in a lot of visitors

  5. Matt Bullock says:

    I think the first two things to agree on are 1) Location and 2) frequency. This will, I imagine, be dependent on the restoration schedule. I would ask the question is it a good idea to set up an event initially and then have a long period whilst restoration works are completed if the location that we want is unfeasible given the works. On the other hand setting one up in Spring may well give a good indication as to the frequency going forwards if the turnout is great and the event is a huge success! I have emailed Cherie O’Sullivan re: joining Friends of Lightwoods House and Park, would this be the most appropriate forum to discuss and plan?

    • Bob says:

      It will be difficult to do almost anything whilst the park is effectively a building site Matt, but Cherie should be able to give some indication around when we will be able to start planning for events.

  6. Wallace says:

    Yes, let do it 🙂

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