Thimblemill Rec. decision delayed again

The planning hearing over the proposal to build houses on the wooded area on the Thimblemill Recreation Ground has been put back again and will now take place on Wednesday 24th September at 5pm.

The hearing was due to take place at the end of July but the Planning Committee agreed to postpone it to allow the site developers more time to provide information the officers had requested for the committee. It was postponed to 3rd September, but now has been put back again because they have been unable to provide the information in time for the meeting.

One of the issues centres around inadequate information for the planning committee in respect of potential wildlife in the woodland.

Councillor Richard Marshall, who represents the Smethwick Ward which includes the land, said, “The fact that the developers say they are still collating the information gives us a dilemma. If they appealed against a decision it may count in their favour if the Planning Committee didn't allow enough time for a developer to present all their reports. So the extension was granted, but we will be expecting a decision at the meeting on 24th.”

Meanwhile, protesters objecting to the development are calling on the Thimblemill Recreation Club (TREC) to do more to market the club and boost their membership, as an alternative strategy to selling off and developing the land.


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7 Responses to Thimblemill Rec. decision delayed again

  1. Phil Kelly says:

    Lets hope the planning department
    Refuse to turn this lovely site into house’s. There’s plenty of brown field site’s about use them first.
    Fond memeries of the reck when we were young phil

  2. S Hayward says:

    I bowl at the club, having been a member for more years than I care to remember, and agree that it would be a shame to see any development on the grounds. It would be good to increase the membership because the facilities there are really good and the bar staff are so friendly, it is like family, but the large rooms can feel empty. I have attended a UB40 tribute which was brilliant and I have just started attending the fortnightly quiz, great fun. It would be good if others in the locality attended, you have no fear of failure, my team are always finish last – but with lots of laughter and the possibility of being educated a little. ; ) I can’t speak for the committee but I am sure that any
    suggestions to encourage membership would be gratefully received.

    • Bob says:

      I’ve been told that one of the problems is in order to join you have to be ‘introduced’ by two existing members… which is a bit of a disincentive to boosting membership.

      • keithbracey says:

        At Somers only one current member has to propose you and you have to be signed in four times in order to be considered for Club Membership…..I would be interested to know what you have to do to become a Club Member at Thimblemill Rec…….?

      • Stephen Horton says:

        Easy fix……different “levels” of membership…..or a trial period for new members….simple to find a way around these things if the will is there ( even a pre membership review with black balling allowed).

    • keithbracey says:

      When is the Quiz? I attend a weekly Quiz at Somers Sports and Social in Halesowen and would be interested in any local quizzes like the one at Thimblemill Rec…..

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