TREC Open Days – genuine openness…or a cynical ploy?

The Committee at TREC, or the Thimblemill Recreation & Entertainment Centre (formerly the GKN Social Club) are having two Open Days to show the local community the amenities on offer, and to try to recruit new members.

The open days will be on Sunday 31st August between 1pm-3pm & Wednesday 3rd September between 7pm-9pm.

As you may be aware, the Social Club is proposing to sell-off the area of natural woodland alongside Thimblemill Road to housing developers, who are looking to build a dozen two and three-storey houses there. Protestors objecting to the sale have called for the club to consider an alternative way forward with a better marketing and membership strategy, arguing that this would be a more sustainable business plan than a one-off sale of land. The open days are presumably part of that marketing exercise.

This could be interpreted as a genuine attempt to look at alternatives to the sell-off, or a cynical attempt to try to say to the council Planning Committee that they had tried to recruit more members without any great success. Perhaps one of the things people would want to ask on the open day is…will members get a say over the land disposal, or will the club committee make the decision without any recourse to the members?

However, if we assume this move is in good faith, and people do think the Club can avoid having to destroy the woodland by a better marketing strategy, these open days are a good opportunity to see what the club has on offer. I suspect the prospective new members won't want to hand over their annual membership fee… only to find the Club sell the land to developers anyway.

Surely the best option would be to put the land disposal on hold whilst a sustainable membership strategy is developed, and only if that is seen to be a hopeless cause would they consider alternatives?

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18 Responses to TREC Open Days – genuine openness…or a cynical ploy?

  1. keithbracey says:

    My social club Somers Sports and Social Club were in a similar position to Thimblemill Recreation Club some 5 years ago with dwindling numbers and support.

    Somers Club has risen like a phoenix from the ashes with a proper member recruitment strategy and new stewards and is now a thriving social club once again.

    I am sure that Somers Club could provide valuable advice to Thimblemill Rec as to how they have managed to turn things around…….

  2. Keith Cotter says:

    As far as I can remember when the club decided to sell off the land at the back of the bowling greens us members at the time were not asked our opinion, it was just sold.

    • Bob says:

      I think it’s the same this time Keith.

    • Dee Morgan says:

      i am a member now and all we had about any notification of the proposed sale was a notice on the board AFTER people had noticed the one on the lamppost by the new lodge. Hardly surprising the members have no faith in some of the committee members

  3. Christine says:

    Don’t let it happen .Apathy is what will close this club down and selling Land should be a last resort .get new members and get people involved

  4. Dee Morgan says:

    where are they actually advertising this other than on the board INSIDE the club which really you need to be a member to be able to see it?

  5. Christine says:

    The Best form of Advertising is word of Mouth ,tell your friends and Neighbours if they can’t make the open day times .Pop in and ask for a joining form at the Bar

  6. Barbara Platts says:

    Lets all join they have to have an AGM and members should have to vote for these things

  7. Christine says:

    Next Wednesday 3rd could be the make or break of the sell the land .People need to join and get involved in a constructive way .to get the club back on its feet .Selling the land will only put off the inevitable decline of the club if Families and the Community don’t join and use the club .

  8. Barbara Platts says:

    Well I have just had a quick trawl through the Chronicle and can find no article regarding the open days

    • Bob says:

      Am I not surprised?

      • Barbara Platts says:

        Abject apologies!! I was looking for an article in the Chronicle and have just found a half page advert on page 10 for the open days !! . Sorry I think I had a blonde and senior moment!!

  9. Christine says:

    I would wonder why ? Why would the committee want to sell the Land, why would they want the club to die which without New enthusiastic members it surely will. Even if they sell the land and get money for it to improve the facilities the Club still need members to keep the club going .Why would they not put ads in the local Paper when they said they would .I hope that the Council can see that the Committee of TREC are not doing enough to keep it .Dont let them sell the Land until they are seen to be making a REAL effort on a membership Drive .

  10. Dee Morgan says:

    i didn’t think Ray Gibbs would do it but in this case i take my hat off to him. maybe he did listen this time around lol

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