On the radio….

Bearwood Traders have gone all hi-tech with a new digital radio service that will link up businesses and alert traders of issues in our shopping centre.

The new, state-of-the-art system replaces an old, outdated analogue system which had limited use and reach. The new radios can broadcast over a three mile radius, thereby linking-in traders who previously couldn't access the old system. The new security system also links directly into Sandwell police who can respond quickly to incidents as they occur.

Traders Association Chair Richard Marshall said, “The first tranche of radios were snapped up in less than an hour today as traders and wider community organisations wanted to be involved with the new Bearwood linked-in system. Nationals such as Tescos and Boots were more than happy to sign up, as well as smaller independent traders such as Global Wines and the Bearwood Indoor Market . This brand new state of the art system has come about following a partnership with local councillors who subsidised the radios, and co-operation from Smethwick police.

“In Kings Heath and West Bromwich similar radios were provided to traders for over £400 per handset, and we were able to offer the initial tranche of radios for about a quarter of that. We know from talking with the Town Manager in West Bromwich that using a new and efficient early warning system can be a major factor in reducing crime in the shopping area.”

Proceeds from this first tranche will go towards financing more purchases. Anyone wishing to be considered for the second wave of radios should get in touch with the traders association via: bearwoodtradersassociation@gmail.com


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1 Response to On the radio….

  1. pam says:

    Good to see our local councillors supporting and working with our local traders. A really positive story

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