Mark your valuables…

There have been a spate of burglaries, particularly from garden sheds, in Abbey Ward over the last few months. Things like bikes, lawn mowers or power tools have been targeted by the thieves. But even when the police catch a thief, it is not always possible to easily identify the owners of the property found.

Now, Abbey Ward councillors, using the local area budget, have been able to purchase a small supply of ultra-violet security marker pens which residents can use to mark their valuables with a house number and postcode. They will write on metal, wood and cloth, and the writing will only show up if it is read using a special scanner. The police then use a mobile uv reader to scan stolen goods when they are recovered, and when they are carrying out routine checks of the 'cash converter' style premises, second hand shops or scrap yards checking for stolen property. This information then enables them to trace the goods back to the rightful owners.

There are a limited number of these marker pens available, and it would greatly help if people borrowing them would offer to share them with their neighbours who may also want to mark their property.

If you would like the loan of an ultra-violet pen – and they are not limited to garden shed items, they can also be used on household property such as tv's, computers, games consoles because the marking is only visible with an ultra-violet reader – then contact us via


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