Demolition notice issued

Following on from yesterday's post which appears to have generated more heat than light in some quarters, I can now confirm that a demolition contractor has today issued a demolition notice on The Thimblemill, and work will commence as soon as it is confirmed the utilities have been properly terminated.

The contractor has said they will then fence the site off until building work begins on the care home planned for the site.

We appreciate that a lot of people felt nostalgic for the pub which clearly played an important role in the lives of many, but the brewery sold it to a developer and without English Heritage listed building status it would have been almost impossible to argue against demolition and a change of use.

Certainly the people living in the immediate vicinity will be happy to see the back of the dilapidated ruin the building has descended in to over the last year.


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3 Responses to Demolition notice issued

  1. Phil Kelly says:

    Thanks Bob for keeping us up to date on the mill as I said before fond memories of the mill i lived in gladys rd for many years. Man and boy phil

  2. john says:

    Well done.Something needs to be done the site is deteriorating rapidly.Shame something couldn’t have been done with the building but its beyond that now. John

    • Bob says:

      Agreed, John. I suspect that was their tactic. Run it down, allow it to be subjected to vandalism, and then people will be so relieved something is being done about it. Fairly disreputable behaviour in my opinion.

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