Advanced talks to bring the Kings Head clock back home

As the traffic works are finished on Hagley Road, and the building workers prepare to decant their site offices from the area around the junction, our thoughts turn to what we do with that area when they are gone. pAs part of the proposed improvement works along Bearwood Road, we are now in advanced talks with Birmingham City Council to repatriate the ‘Kings Head clock” back to the junction of Hagley Road and Bearwood Road.

Councillor Steve Eling said, “We have identified a sum of money of around a million pounds for improvements along the Bearwood Road, and there are a number of things that have already been suggested which will be the subject of a consultation exercise, and we will welcome further contributions, but an area we know needs some attention is the gateway entrance to Bearwood up towards the Hagley Road.”

After approaches to the City Council by ward councillors and Richard Marshall via the Traders Association, we now have an agreement in principle to re-site the clock on the land at the junction of Bearwood Road and Hagley Road.

Councillor Bob Piper said, “When we first floated the idea in the Bearwood e-Bulletin it was a bit tongue in cheek and we didn’t hold out too much hope of getting it back, but talking to City Council officers over the highways improvements led to some positive noises coming back, and we are thrilled by the prospect of getting the clock back. It is an impressive structure, and the faces are to be renovated and illuminated at nighttime. We think it will be a real feature to underpin the gateway improvements.”

The clock was one of Birmingham’s prized “Chamberlain clocks”, installed outside the Kings Head coaching station in 1900.

With its gas-lit dials and horse trough, the clock helped to service and monitor first the trams, and then the buses, plying the routes through Bearwood and Harborne. When the King’s Head became a major stop-off point on the Outer Circle bus route in the 1920s, such a clock was much in demand.

In 1971 it was removed for road widening, and for the last few decades has stood looking slightly forlorn and out of place in a shopping mall in the City centre. Now, we have the genuine prospect of bringing the clock back to Bearwood.

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18 Responses to Advanced talks to bring the Kings Head clock back home

  1. hazel shipton says:

    ab fab will start to make bearwood look how it used to house under way junction complete all we need are tenants for the empty shops fingers crossed
    thanks to all for hardwork

  2. patrice meredith says:

    Good luck with this, that corner does need some creative attention and the clock back where it belongs would be great.

  3. keithbracey says:

    The return of the Bearwood Clock……? About TIME too……!!!!! (sorry about the pun!)

  4. Tom says:

    Could we please sort out the problem that the new junction has not addressed the problem of turning right from either the Bearwood or Harborne directions. As a motorist it’s very confusing and a filter would be a massive improvement. This would match the junction between Hadley road and Wolverhampton road.

  5. Margaret Moore says:

    It would be great to see the clock back in its place. I didn’t appreciate it then but I would now!

  6. How about the old sign back “Welcome to Bearwood”

  7. pam says:

    Well done to the local councillors for this creative thinking and get to g Birmingham to agree to this. Far better than anything else suggested, a beautiful monument restored to its rightful place in Bearwood.

    • keithbracey says:

      Still a shame that Bearwood won’t have its own Bearwood ‘Bear’ statue or monument in a prominent place in the town, don’t you think?

      • Bob says:

        Personally, Keith, no, it sounds a bit crass to me, I’ve always thought it wa more about the wood than the bears…but it’s just a point of view.

      • keithbracey says:

        If we want to promote Bearwood and Warley Woods (and Lightwoods Park for that matter) what better than a cuddly Bear statue……?

        Think of the famous ‘Bears’ down the ages…..can’t Bearwood tap into some of that…..?

        Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, Yogi and Boo Boo, Paddington, The Hair Bear Bunch, Hercules the Bear……it need not be a ‘cartoon bear’ it could be the 7 foot tall magnificent ‘Grizzly Bear’ or we could do some research into what the original ‘Bearwood Bear’ would have looked like……

        Were they European Brown Bears or Black Bears…..I dunno….?

        Bob I spent 16 years in international marketing to attract global companies to Birmingham and the investment by Deutsche Bank in Birmingham at 1 Brindleyplace was Locate in Birmingham’s major achievement.

        We need to think bigger.

        I know that cuddly animals associated with a city or town are a powerful marketing tool…..If we want to let those empty shops at the top of Bearwood Road let we need to market ourselves more effectively to get ourselves noticed in order to attract investment and to demonstrate to potential investors that we are a go ahead town with a serious plan to put ourselves on the map and attract shoppers with money to spend in Bearwood…..

        What better way than with a ‘Bearwood Bear’…..?

        As you say its just a view and not everyone will agree with me, however Bears are ‘Big Business’ and could be ‘Brilliant for Bearwood’……?

        I dunno…..what do others think?

        We have the ‘Bear’ in Bearwood…..and Warley Woods…..a powerful marketing campaign could be created around those two ‘win wins’ for Bearwood to attract more visitors to Bearwood, and it need NOT cost anything in these days of Social Media and the internet

        You should know that as the originator of ‘The Bearwood Blog’…..?


        Yours in Bearwood

        Keith Bracey

  8. Matt Bullock says:

    Reinstating the clock would be an excellent re addition to that area. Fantastic idea!

  9. Matt Bullock says:

    As an idea for the junction area it would be great to see something similar to what they have done very successfully in Kings Heath, where, around the church square area they have a street food market on a Saturday once a month with occasional live music. The market was named by Visit Britain as one of the top five things to visit in Birmingham.This would be the first street food market in Sandwell if I’m not mistaken. This is exactly the kind of thing that area is perfect for. Any thoughts Bob?

    • Bob says:

      Matt, I agree a food market would be terrific, although I don’t know if that area is big enough. Personally, I think once Lightwoods House is restored (work starts in October) the area outside the House might be better.

  10. Matt Bullock says:

    It’s not a huge area no so yes in and around the old fountain close to Lightwoods house would be superb. As in Kings Heath it attracts footfall to the high street also which is what is needed at that end. Friends of mine travel from all over Birmingham to attend the Kings Heath market so it clearly encourages people to visit.

  11. happy for you says:

    Glad you got it back but sad to see it go as was always a meeting point in the 80s and 90s in high street

  12. viv says:

    why doesn’t the clock light up , does the timing need adjustment?

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