Woodland planning application deferred

The planning application to build houses on the small wood in Thimblemill Road has been deferred by planning committee until early September.

Committee members were faced by around 70 banner waving protesters at the entrance to the Recreation Club who were there to tell them why this last piece of uncultivated woodland in Smethwick should be protected.

Smethwick councillor Richard Marshall told the protesters they couldn't enter the grounds because it was private land, but they could tell the planning committee members what they felt about the application. Planning Officer John Baker told them that the committee were being advised to defer a decision because the developers hadn't provided all the information the council had requested.

Richard Marshall added, “I think it is important to stress we are not anti-club just anti-build. The Committee stipulated they would make a decision on 3rd September, with or without all papers being submitted as the people of the area had suffered long enough. I have agreed with the chair of TREC to hold an open night so that members of the public can come in and offer ideas and suggestions in how what would make them want to become members of the club, he is putting this to his committee and will be coming back to me.”


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9 Responses to Woodland planning application deferred

  1. Ian G-T says:

    Maybe the 70 protesters should join the club and use it ocasionally, then maybe they would not need to sell the land!

  2. Karen Lemmon says:

    Ian a lot of us who were there today are members or have spouses etc that are !!!!

  3. Mandy Roberts says:

    Can I just say, some of the 70 were members of the club, there are other ways to save the club , by advertising it and putting more functions on for families , but why join a club who’s committe doesn’t want to listen to new ideas … Not even the members who are there now have been allowed to voice their thoughts on this matter, they at least should have been given the chance to have there say. Just quick money for a quick fix.

  4. hazel shipton says:

    well done to the protesters,why not hold an open day and use the grounds for an event like lightwoods park did,i remember them doing this a few years ago and it boosted membership

  5. keithbracey says:

    Democracy in action! Well done Kelly Ahmed and friends and Local Councillor Richard Marshall for listening to residents………Brilliant Bearwood I’m proud of you!

  6. Bob says:

    Maybe if the clubs obnoxious rude doorman Lloyd was’nt so arrogant & miserable to the clubs members maybe more people would join the club, Making the club more money so they dont have to sell off land, Not a patch on the GKN, I remember a summers night in the 1980s when I was a kid, my dad and I would go for a walk in the grounds and I would ride my bike and feed the ducks, and also get conkers from the conker trees on the grounds,

    Cant do that now without some miserable arse moaning, the commitee of the GKN was much better people then what they have now!

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