Great news as court endorses compulsory purchase

Residents of Barclay Road and Galton Road will be delighted to hear that the High Court has backed Sandwell Council's decision to compulsorily purchase the land between 103-109 Barclay Road.

The site has been a blight on the area for over 15 years. First neglected and overgrown, a site for fly-tippers and exposing neighbouring gardens by allowing access to rear gardens, and in recent years a complete mess of a building site, culminating in the accident which resulted in serious injury to a building worker earlier this year.

The owner consistently failed to comply with planning regulations, left the site for months on end looking like a bomb site, and seriously damaged the houses on either side. One resident has subsequently been forced out of his home and half of his house has had to be demolished and rebuilt.

After years of frustration, the Council took steps to purchase the land two years ago, but the builder appealed against the CPO to the Bristol-based planning inspectorate and when the inspectorate rejected his appeal he took his case to the High Court. Last week's decision means we now have unfettered access to the land and can start looking for a reputable developer to build houses on the site.

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7 Responses to Great news as court endorses compulsory purchase

  1. Carla Bove says:

    Well that’s fantastic news! Any ideas what Sandwell CC are going to do with it?

  2. John Gatling says:

    Well done for all those in applying for the CPO and getting this problem sorted. Its amazing how one selfish person can cause such trouble for the poor people who were affected

  3. peteG says:

    Lets have the name of the so called builder concerned and any links to other builders of Ill repute ..

  4. Mr Jones says:

    I can list numerous roads in Bearwood that have properties on them that are suitable for compulsary purchase yet amazingly they choose to pursue the eyesore thats on the same road that one of our local councillors live on…Gotta love Sandwell council looking after it’s own !!!!

    • Bob says:

      Don’t talk rubbish. The decision to compulsory purchase was taken after it was assessed that the way the site was being developed it was a danger to adjoining properties. Perhaps you’d care to list all of the properties you are talking about which have led to neighbouring properties having to be virtually rebuilt. The developer had been given chance after chance to try to improve his working practices, but it had still led to numerous complaints from neighbouring properties.

      Tell us…have you submitted a complaint about any of the properties in the ‘numerous roads’ you refer to? Certainly not to me you haven’t.

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