At the picnic…

Once again, a great turnout for the Warley Woods picnic, and a bit of late afternoon sunshine.


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4 Responses to At the picnic…

  1. Andrew says:

    Yes. Lovely. We can hear the loud music all the way down on Milcote Rd.

  2. Phil Kelly says:

    Looks nice sorry we could not make
    Hopefully next year god willing

  3. asjcatering1 says:

    Looks great – sorry we missed it! 😦 ASJ Catering & Events

  4. Matt Bullock says:

    I thought the event was a bit of a disappointment if I’m honest. Given that it is called picnic in the park and people will of course bring their own food, it would have been so much better had there been more of an emphasis on and a wider provision of food available. My suggestion next year and for future years would be to invite some artisan street food sellers i.e. Wood fired pizzas, homemade burgers, specialist barbecue etc etc. instead we had a bog standard burger van selling heated frozen burgers. This event could then become a more foodie alternative to the May Day festival on Lightwoods Park.

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