We have less than one week…

…to save the wildlife area by Thimblemill pool.

Next Wednesday councillors on Sandwell Council's Planning Committee will be visiting the area which the Recreation Club want to be cleared and allow a Worcestershire based property developer to build 13 three and four-bedroomed homes on the site.

Local residents want to save this last piece of uncultivated wildlife area in Smethwick, and over 1100 people signed Kelly Ahmed's petition calling on the planning committee members to reject the application.

You can help!

Local people are entitled to lobby members of the planning committee to show how strong we feel about the need to preserve this land bordering on to the pool. The Committee members will arrive at the Recreation Club area at around 3pm and although the Club will not allow the public access, we will ensure the councillors come out to meet with anyone outside the gates of the club in Thimblemill Road to hear their views.

Later, at 5pm members of the public will be allowed to attend the planning committee and listen to the arguments and again make clear to the councillors the strong level of local opposition.

So, that's….

3pm at The Thimblemill Recreation Centre Gates


5pm at Sandwell Council House in Oldbury

You can make a difference!

Photo courtesy of Simon Lea.

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6 Responses to We have less than one week…

  1. joyce daniels. says:

    No need to decimate this site for housing. Look around Smethwick, you will find brown sites aplenty, but it might cost you money to clean them up, that’s what this is all about. Profits for you and laying waste to a small and beautiful spot like this means nothing to you. Shame Shame Shame on you faceless developers, and more shame on Sandwell council if they pass this plan.

  2. Andrew says:

    There are bats and water voles there both are protected

  3. Just up the Rd what used to be the Two Brewers pub less than 1/4 a mile has approximately 8 / 10 luxury houses which has stood empty since thay were built approxametly 12 months ??? Ago . Not one I reapet NOT one has been sold. Thay still have the FOR SALE on them . WHY DO YOU LOT AT THE COUNCIL FELL THE NEED . have the need to sit in your warm comfy offices thinking were next you can destroy next You will be killing Wilde life, the fish, Erin to name but. Few ,and all the other wild life why do you feel the need to chop down trees, just so someone can make a NICE BIG PROFFIT !!
    By now you will be aware of a major accident on Saturday evening killing one young lad, with two critically ill fighting for their lives in hospital. This happened when the roads were quiet it’s a serious dangerous road , so you can understand my concerns with putting more traffic on the main road . Prime time of the day there will be more people to seriously injured if not killed . The next time it could be children as just up the road you have the uplands manner infants and junior school they will also going in and out of school at prime time . And you want to put more cars on this road that has proven to be dangerous road over the last few years there has been lots of road accidents with deaths and serious injuries with children being knocked down and cars racing up and down the road . If you want these deaths or seriously injured people on your consciences I suggest you think twice before you pass this planning . I have lived in the area for 52 years, we don’t have many nice areas in and around the Bearwood area so . Turn this around !!! why we don’t you leave the wildlife ect alone spend the money on the club house and open up the GKN Rec ( as I know it ) somewhere that people go for walks pop in & meet up with people sell coffee, tea,lunches , evening meals a place for old people can meet if thay are widowed ect mother & toddler , play & stay the list go’s on , with a little imagination you could turn the whole thing ground and make a big profit for everyone to benefit . If the oldies could go out and meet people on Ring & ride, taxis it would help all concerned if thay are getting out it will stop people getting depressed and saving money on the NHS . The club can still be use of of a evening for members parties celebrations ect excellent long term proff it and creating jobs for people

    Please do not hesitate to contact me on 07801922022

    Yours truly
    Lesley Brinton

    • Bob says:

      Perhaps you don’t understand, Lesley, or perhaps you just think the council is to blame for everything that happens. The council isn’t proposing to chop the trees down. The council isn’t selling the land. The council isn’t planning to build houses on the land.

      The land is owned by the Thimblemill Recreation club. They are proposing to sell the land to a private housing developer. They are intending to build 13 houses on the site.

      The local councillors are trying to stop that happening.

  4. Is it better to attend the planning meeting on Wednesday? Will we be able to voice our concerns to the people who will make the decisions?

    • Bob says:

      Barbara, the committee will probably be on site visits prior to the committee, but a large (polite) group with banners, placards etc inside the public gallery would show the committee the strength of feeling.

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