Plans for Bearwood Improvements move forward as money is allocated

Plans for improvements along Bearwood Road that Councillors Steve Eling, Bob Piper and Ann Jaron have been talking to residents and traders about for some time are moving a step closer with the allocation of the money needed to make them happen.

Many of the issues raised and improvements that have suggested like green walls: trees; and improved crossings and lighting along with new bins, signs and other upgrades will now be incorporated into a proposed programme which we as the local councillors will take forward into a consultation in the near future.

The money will be formally allocated next week by Bearwood councillor, Steve Eling acting in his role of deputy leader of the council. The allocation will be for public environmental improvements in both Bearwood and Cape Hill and will total £2 million.

Commenting on allocating the money, Councillor Eling said “Like other Councils, Sandwell is having its budget butchered by government cuts, but here we are still ensuring that we invest in the things that matter to our local communities. Our local infrastructure – parks, local centres, leisure centres etc have been made a priority when in some places they are going to rack and ruin or being closed. As an example, in Bearwood, Lightwoods Park is about to go through a massive regeneration when the Council putting in £2 million before you even start counting the lottery money”

We will be announcing the timetable for consultation on proposals and how people can get involved in the next few weeks, and because the money need will have already been allocated, some improvements may well be able to start in the autumn.

“I was involved in the last major upgrade along Bearwood Road in the 90s when we replaced the old mix of pavement slabs and tarmac with set bricks, and whilst major upgrades only come round every so often, its now Bearwood’s turn again. It’s a fantastic opportunity to present Bearwood in its best light, and whilst we don’t own the shops, maybe this will get owners to think about upgrading their properties too” he added.


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