Welcome to…..

The Bearwood Blog can exclusively reveal the name of the new real ale bar in Bearwood. See below the choice of the Black Country Ales directors.

Bearwood’s new real ale pub has been named…and in recognition of the building’s previous role as a bank at the centre of daily life in the area the pub will be called The Midland.

A competition to name the new venture was entered by hundreds of local people. Graham Manwaring of pub owner’s Black Country Ales said:

We have had huge interest in naming the pub and we are grateful to everyone who sent in suggestions. The vast bulk of entries made reference to either the building’s past as a bank or to local references with names like “Three Shires Oak” and “Lightwoods Tavern”. We ruled out names involving Banks and Bankers because of rhyming slang connotations and public disapproval of financiers.

We also thought that the building has been so much a part ofBearwood life for so long that we had to let future pub-goers know of its former use.

The competition to win a barrel of Black Country Ales’ famous BFG beer (72 pints) was won by John McCoy – the first of several people to suggest the new name.

A sample of other name suggestions that were mentioned are listed below, some inspired, some wacky … but all gratefully received. Thank you to all who have taken part – we look forward to seeing you in The Midland.

The Bear Trap

The Ken Wharton (Bearwood’s only Formula 1 Driver)

The Bear’s Pour (Bear’s Paw)

The Bottle Bank

The Counting House

The Pounds, Shillings & Pence – a pub of note

The Little Dribble (in homage to the sadly missed Little Nibble café)

The William Mitchell Pen Factory

The Bear Would … (with image of a bear drinking real ale)

The Black (allowing impecunious customers to say “I was in the Black for the first time in ages”)

The Ferret of Warley

The Julie Walters and

The Pig & Ballbearing

Angus McMeeking from Black Country Ales says the bar is still on schedule for opening in early July.


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4 Responses to Welcome to…..

  1. hazel shipton says:

    plain and simple good name wish i had thought of it cannot wait for it to open anyone special opening it?

  2. My suggestion was ‘The Midland Red’ so I got it half right…….Angus does that mean I get half a barrel of beer……..?????

    I’m looking forward to supping a pinta Batham’s MIld or another local brew very muchly!

  3. Margaret Moore says:

    A good choice! Take the point about the use of ‘bank’ or ‘bankers’!

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