Sandon Road cottage

People have shown some interest in the state of the cottage at 60 Sandon Road. For many years it was a charming, picture book cottage with splendidly well kept gardens, but in recent years it has been subjected to what you could possibly describe as vandalism in the name of 'modernisation'.

Well, recently it appears it the property went on the market for sale for cash offers around £210, 000 due to the property not being habitable. Perhaps it shouldn't come as a massive shock to find the owners did not receive any serious offers. They have now committed to carry out some improvements before going back on the market.

It would be nice to think they would restore some of the features that have been destroyed…but I won't hold my breath!!


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10 Responses to Sandon Road cottage

  1. keithbracey says:

    The owners are nothing less than vandals and more interested in what they can make from the land rather than Bearwood’s heritage as I believe this is one of the oldest buildings in Bearwood….pity SMBC can’t CPO it…..!!!!

    • Bob says:

      In the interest of fairness Keith, and to avoid problems with my learned friends in the legal profession, I don’t know whether any of the so-called ‘modernisation’ was carried out by the current owners…but I get your drift.

      • keithbracey says:

        Thanks Bob….good luck in the election….standing for The Green Party in the Bristnall Ward has been a whole new exciting and illuminating experience for me….and I am full of admiration for what local Councillors do…..I do believe that the sort of thing that you do on Social Media is the key to interesting our young people in politics….I see Richard Marshall is standing for Labour….he will be great as he gets things done……

        Its such a shame what has happened to the cottage….my Gran and Grandad lived in Poplar Road ( we lived in Willow Avenue) and I was a member of the congregation at Sandon Road Methodist Church for many years and walked past the cottage many many times and you are right there was a lovely garden there.

        What a great building the original Sandon Road Methodist Church is on the corner of Barnsley Road which BCC have made into an ‘Arts and Crafts Conservation Area’…..

        It’s a pity BCC can’t do something with the old Avery’s Sports Ground which is owned by Persimmon Homes…..My rugby club Dixonians RFC ( I am an Old Dixonian and went to the school 1969 – 1976 ) was in partnership with Persimmon as they were going to build houses on the site and provide us with a new rugby club with a clubhouse and pitches, however we failed to get the support of the Rugby Football Union and that is now unlikely to happen……

        I wish something could be done to sort out the Avery’s site as it’s a Bearwood eyesore as is the whole of that end of Sandon Road which is transient bedsit land…..

        Bearwood folk are crying out for affordable housing and we can’t keep encroaching on the Green Belt so IMHO BCC should bring the Avery’s site forward for development asap

        All the best mate…..Up the Villa! One of my mates said that Baggies fans in Sandwell won’t vote for a ‘Villain’ as betrayed by my twitter handle @1truclaretnblu …..we’ll see……????

  2. Steve Eling says:

    Mr and Mrs Probert lived in the cottage for many years. Both the cottage and the garden were immaculate.

    Sadly no one needed to obtain any permission to wreck the place, which is what has been done, and recent changes to planning law only makes this worse.

    They are clearly living in cuckoo land thinking they would get anything like what they have been asking for. Hopefully someone will buy it who wants to live in it rather than someone who just thinks they can make some money out of it.

  3. says:

    I pass that lovely cottage (or at least it was) on my way to work everyday and it’s a crime what they have done to it. I don’t know what they were thinking of. Who will want to buy it now they have torn the heart out of it. They have bricked up all the windows facing out onto Sandon Road and installed horrible modern ones. It’s a pity it couldn’t have had some sort of protection order put on it. The garden is also ruined and that was always kept lovely. Let’s hope somebody with an interest in retaining what is left of a beautiful building buys it instead of people hoping to make a fast buck

  4. Catherine says:

    Yes I remember this cottage well the previous owners must be turning in their graves. I recall going past this cottage in times past and thinking it was a fairy tale but now it’s turned into a horror story. The people responsible should be ashamed I certainly would want them doing any DIY on my property such a shame

  5. Fran Jones says:

    A couple of days ago I did speak to the apparent owner. He said that the place belongs to him and his wife. I probably didn’t sound to polite when I told him the place is so run down, stinks when you walk past and is obviously full of heaven knows what of rubbish and vermin. When I did ask what is going to be done with it, if anything and should it not at least in the meantime be made a bit reasonable he did a very quick, silent retreat.The grass has now started by being cut, the best probably it is going to be demolished soon.

  6. Mike says:

    I think the cottages are knocked down now. My nans mom and dad lived in the cottages (if this is the same cottage?) As part of the Calethorpe’s estate in early 1900s as tenants I guess. My nan (surname Morgan) as far as we know was born in them and lived in them many years. Both my nans parents died there. One of the brothers Ted Morgan lived there but was ordered to leave by Calethorpes as we guess he wasnt entitled to live there and it passed to someone else. So it is very sad to see them go.

  7. Mike says:

    My nan also knew a Winifred (Winnie) Wheway who used to live in the ‘Big houses’ not sure whether she was just friends or worked for her.

  8. Mike says:

    Sorry my nans mom used to work for her or was friends but my nan knew her too

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