Proposal for new flats on Bearwood Road

People have been saying for some time that more of the space above the shops on Bearwood Road should be used to create more homes. Well, in this week's list of planning applications, there's a proposal to create 7 new flats…

More details here


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2 Responses to Proposal for new flats on Bearwood Road

  1. hazel shipton says:

    while i am aware of the neeed for new accomodation surely parking will be an issue in an already crowded area,parking not only for new residents but also for workmaen when under construction

    • Bob says:

      Hazel, it is quite difficult these days to reject a planning application on the grounds of lack of parking provision. The developers argue that they intend to market the premises to young singles or couples who can use the local public transport into Birmingham (although whether they do or not is questionable). Only when we get a development like that proposed for the Thimblemill pub, where lots of people will be coming to work/visit, can we hope to succeed with an argument on parking, and even that is marginal. All I would say is anyone taking these flats with a car must be crazy because there’s not a lot of parking in the vicinity.

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