A message to the volunteers from Cherie…

“Dear All,

Please accept my apologies for this very delayed message, I have been incredibly busy catching up with the Lightwoods Park and House project work following the festival.


I would just like to thank you all for your hard work and effort put into the Lightwoods May Day Festival. I appreciate it was a long day and there was loads to do but I hope you enjoyed volunteering with us.


I can not wait to share the news with the Heritage Lottery Fund in my next report that a massive 46 volunteers signed up to volunteer on the day of the event – this is so fantastic!


I hope that everyone who visited the park on Monday 5th May enjoyed the event and that they noticed the true community spirit of the event with everyone pulling together – the Council, The Friends Group, Team Bearwood, Local Traders and Local Residents. I certainly saw an array of 'Team Bearwood' bibs throughout the day and the level of hard work and commitment from all of you is to be commended.


Bearwood is a lovely place to work and I am really looking forward to working with you all over the next few years restoring Lightwoods Park and House and running further events so as the fabric of the park is as special as the people who use it!


Cherie O'Sullivan

Lightwoods Park Project Officer”



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1 Response to A message to the volunteers from Cherie…

  1. Paul Kuczerawy says:

    Dear cherie, I would like to become a volunteer at Lightwoods Park. Would you contact me with further information please.

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