Thimblemill update

The planning application to convert the Thimblemill public house into a care home was withdrawn before going to planning committee.

In the face of objections from residents and concerns by the council's highways department around the issues of traffic and parking the developers decided not to proceed with the application for the 87-bedroomed care home on the day of the committee.

That doesn't mean the issue is dead, however. It is anticipated that a revised set of plans which seek to deal with some of the objections will be re-submitted for planning consideration to the June 25th meeting of the committee


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7 Responses to Thimblemill update

  1. zulekia says:

    I have thought this to be a bad idea since it was first mentioned. Not only would there be parking issues with traffic negotiating the roundabout from 4 directions, but, in my opinion, due to the pollution and noise from the traffic, it is a totally unsuitable environment for either care home residents or the elderly.

  2. Lizy says:

    I don’t know, if traffic came in from the side street rather than Island, think great location, right next to library, gkn hall, and brook/pool which flat for fishing with local shops also, may need a proper crossing from pub to gkn, which would help many others.

    • Amanda Davis says:

      The GKN is a private members club and the pool is also a private part of that which requires separate membership and as far as I know has a waiting list. It is also private land around the pool, so really would not be much use to elderly people who might just fancy a days fishing. On a plus side it has a good bus service and the library would be ideal. The traffic would be awful though with extra cars using the area.

  3. Wendy Groce says:

    I thought this was a great idea. Looking after the elderly in this country should be a priority. Better than another restaurant/takeaway which seems to happen to most unused buildings.

  4. hawthorne says:

    a care home would be better than the pub as it is now with the police being called every day to deal with people in there and the way it looks it is a mess i live by the pub and i cannot wait for something to be done with it

  5. says:

    I agree with Hawthorne. Wouldn’t it be better for it to be a home for the elderly than left to go to rack and riun. It’s such an eye sore as you approach Bearwood from the island. It doesn’t make sense to protest against it . It needs to be used for something and most ideas will bring more traffic.

    • Bob says:

      Sandra, I’m not sure. There is much of a protest, but the nearby residents want some assurance about how many vehicles will be associated with the numbers of staff and visitors for a 87-bed unit.

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