On behalf of the organisers can I thank all of the people who turned up yesterday to what was our biggest and best Mayday yet. After last year we really didn't think we could do it all over again, but if anything we surpassed the 20,000 plus people who turned out last year.

I apologise in advance for anyone I miss out but…a massive thank you to…..all of the musicians and performers, including the strong guys and the skatepark youths, who gave us their time for nothing. To the council officers who put in so much work keeping things running smoothly. To the stallholders and foodie folk, I hope it exceeded your expectations – even with triple the catering outlets we still had large queues. To Enville Ales and Black Country Ales (I know, I know…more cider next time!). To Tom Naylor who put together a terrific event on the skatepark to ensure the young people weren't left out. To Dennis Seaton who MC'd the main stage, as well as bringing the show to a wonderful finale. To Sandwell Leisure Trust for all their support and putting on the best strongman competition so far (and narrowly beating Team Bearwood in the tug of war). To the small army of Team Bearwood volunteers – the event couldn't be a free event without their fantastic efforts – but particularly for Richard Marshall and Marie for pulling it all together with the committee of the Friends of Lightwoods Park and House.

Finally, thank you to everyone who came along and made it such a fantastic family bank holiday Monday. With much of the park being fenced off for restoration next year we're not sure if we can stage an event of this size on Mayday 2015, but when the Heritage Lottery project is completed I think we can safely say that a restored Lightwoods Park and House has the potential to give a real boost to Bearwood!


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11 Responses to Thanks…

  1. Viv says:

    What a fantastic day! thanks to ALL.
    Viv and Family ( Lightwoods Rd )

  2. hazel shipton says:

    it was wonderful to see bearwood come alive again using the best facility we have a great park and people who care,perhaps owners of vacant shops could see how many people would use their business,after all most people walked past empty shops look forward to next party when we can all really celebrate a new beginning for lightwoods park thanks to one and all

  3. says:

    It was another fantastic event. Really well organised and enjoyed by all. Would it possible to still have an event next year all but a mini festival. It would be shame to put a hold on it for a year and loss the momentum. Now that it’s getting to be a very well known event it would be shame to not have something.

    • Bob says:

      We’re going to discuss it at the debrief, Sandra. The problem is with so much of the park as a building site it would be seriously curtailed, and now the event has such a good reputation we could just be overrun. We could always put the fair on the top field…but then where do we put the cars? Yesterday we were down to a handful of places on the car park, and without that space we could face gridlock as people look for parking spaces. Anyway…it hasn’t been entirely ruled out yet!

  4. keithbracey says:

    Well said Bob……a Great Day for Brilliant Bearwood……..thanks to Enville and Black Country Ales….methinks BCA’s new pub on Bearwood Road is gonna be a fantastic addition to Bearwood, if yesterday’s beverages are anything to go by………..Bearwood goes from strength to strength and I think Bob Piper and his fellow Abbey Ward Councillors deserve every praise for galvanizing and mobilizing the good folk of Bearwood in all that they do…..and not forgetting Team Bearwood and Richard and Marie Marshall, who lead Team Bearwood so valiantly and well……Bearwood is on the UP!!!!!!

  5. Keith says:

    Congratulations on a great event at the park Bob, a tremendous crowd,much more that I expected, and a great day.

  6. says:

    See what you mean Bob. It’s a difficult one. Hope you can come up with a solution that keeps everyone happy

  7. hazel shipton says:

    couldnt we have it in woods temporary until park is back in use

  8. Di Turner says:

    could you not come to an arrangement with Warley Woods for next year

    • Bob says:

      I think that would be a matter for the Community Trust even if we wanted to because they administer the Woods, not the Council. I suspect they would have to consider how closely it fits their model, and whether it would impact on their own picnic.

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