Congratulations to Divine and Amelia Wallace, who scooped the 1st prizes in the Bearwood Wow Factor! young talent show at Thimblemill Library last night. Divine and Amelia got the prizes, but there were a whole bunch of winners in both categories with some fantastic performances including music, dance, comedy and a magician.

Much thanks for a wonderful evening to Gavin William James Young, compete for the night who did so much to encourage the acts, to our very own tv star Colin Buchanan who chaired the judging panel, and as ever to the brilliant Julie Mckirdy (is there anything in Bearwood that Julie doesn't get involved in – she's a real star!) who organised the whole shebang…but major, major thanks to every single young person who had the nerve to get up in front of a packed audience and put their hearts into their acts!

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2 Responses to Wow!!!

  1. Bahadar says:

    Who came first and second int he 7-12 year old’s category.

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