Name the new pub…

…and win a barrel of beer!!!

OK, here's the deal. The new real ale pub on Bearwood Road, due to open in early July, is as yet un-named. Black Country Ales is looking to you for suggestions for the pub name. And you not only have the prestige of seeing your suggestion above the new bar…they are offering a barrel of beer (72 pints) to the winner of a competition to think up the best name.

You can send your suggestions either direct to or to, or you can put them in the comments section here if you want to publicly stake your claim.

Entries are open until midnight on 31st May, one entry only per person! In the event of more than one person suggesting the same name, the first one logged will get the barrel… so get your thinking caps on!


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61 Responses to Name the new pub…

  1. patrice meredith says:

    My name for the new pub is The Old Midland, I banked there when I landed in Bearwood in 1973 to start teacher training until HSBC closed it and moved my account to Harborne, felt sore about the closure until I heard news about it becoming a pub! Look forward to the new Midland Bank!

    Patrice Meredith

    Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2014 16:00:56

  2. Jo Sweet says:

    The Barrel of Bear!

  3. Darren slade says:

    The about time.


    The gym…. At least some of the Bearwood men could sound fit…. “been in the gym for 4 hours”

  4. Dean Lee says:

    Congratulations on the new pub – we can’t wait for it to open here in the ‘wood. As for the name, considering the building’s two former lives as a pawn shop fronted and opened by David ‘The Duke’ Dickinson and a Midland Bank, I think that ‘The Duke and Griffin’ has a mythical/traditional feel with a slightly more esoteric reasoning 🙂

  5. Hannah Hames says:

    ‘The Chance and Shuffle’ – A reference to A.M. Chance (who helped the people buy Lightwoods House) and the popularity (such as the Bearwood Shuffle) of Bearwood’s reclaimed Lightwoods park.

  6. David Waldron says:

    How about “The Bear and the Ragged Staff” hopefully it’ll be that busy they will be run ragged!

  7. Margaret Moore says:

    How about ‘The Banker’s Draught’?

  8. Simon Hames says:

    The Other Boot. As in the Wellington is the sister establishment.

  9. Neil Todd says:

    The Pig and Ball Bearing. Failing that, I like Patrice’s suggestion of ‘The Old Midland’.

  10. Patricia Jones says:

    The Bearwoodbank

  11. kevin annett says:

    The polar bear

  12. Smithy says:

    “The Bear Necessities”

  13. Mark Turton says:

    Bear bank

  14. teedee says:

    The Old Vaults

  15. cmltssf says:

    The Three Shires

  16. Eileen Thursfield says:

    Would you care for an ale ?

  17. Julie crump says:

    The bank job

  18. keithbracey says:

    For me it should be called ‘The Midland Red’ echoing our town’s former major employer (for whom my Mom Dot Bracey worked as a Comptometer Operator from 1942 until 1958) and also referencing the building’s former use as a Midland Bank which was founded in Birmingham in the 18th Century along with Lloyd’s Bank and the Birmingham Municipal Bank (now the TSB) whose headquarters was at 301 Broad Street.

    If you do choose my suggestion: ‘The Midland Red’ for the pub you could have lots of photos of old ‘Midland Red’ Buses and the banks that were founded in Birmingham as alluded to above.

    The Wythall Transport Museum have a number of old ‘Midland Red’ ‘buzzes’ as us Brummies call ’em which can be hired for functions and events and of course the West Midlands Travel ‘Outer Circle’ number 11 ‘buzz’ the route with the longest circular route in Europe at 28 miles passes by your front door!

  19. Ann says:

    The Bearwood Storehouse

  20. The Bear of Smithwick

  21. John Parkin says:

    In deference to the previous name of a very local café, how about ‘The Little Tipple’.

  22. Sarah says:

    The Ferret of Warley (note: have never been sure which area “Warley” actually refers to or how it differs from Bearwood or Smethwick, but it seems to flow better with “ferret,” so there you go).

  23. Paul Thursfield says:

    Hail for Ale

  24. Matt Bullock says:

    My suggestion would be ‘The Woodsman’. With reference of course to Bearwood itself and nearby Warley woods and Lightwoods Park.

  25. Stephanie says:

    “Barrels of Bearwood”

    Sent from my iPhone


  26. Jane Mckiernan says:

    My suggestion, The Bear in The Woods, to be known as ‘The Woods’

  27. Jane Garner says:

    ‘The Teller and Tipple’

  28. Paddy says:

    The Smethwick Engine Room

  29. Simon says:

    I quite like “The Bearwood Brewhouse”

  30. beaverman33 says:


  31. Liz Brettell says:

    How about The North Harborne Tavern?

  32. Mat says:

    North Harborne Tavern, for a pub in Bearwood to me sounds ridiculous.

  33. beaverman33 says:

    Smethwick was originally a township within the ancient parish of Harborne to the west of Birmingham. In the 1830’s parts of Smethwick were in the parish called North Harborne

  34. beaverman33 says:

    Hi Mat,

    Smethwick was originally a township within the ancient parish of Harborne to the west of Birmingham. In the mid to late 1800’s parts of Smethwick were in the parish of North Harborne



  36. Andrea Taylor Jones says:


  37. zoe says:

    “Lady with the lamp”

  38. chris says:

    The Samuel galton

  39. Mike Collett says:

    My suggestions are;
    The Samuel Galton (industrialist)
    The James Herbert (local war hero that taught at Bearwood School).

    • keithbracey says:

      Wasn’t it Herbert James VC rather than James Herbert? I did not know that he taught at Bearwood Road School…..? He lived in Poplar Avenue in the Birmingham part of Bearwood ( I lived in Willow Avenue on the Poplars Estate) along with another war hero: Viscount General Field Marshall William ‘Bill’ Slim who led the ‘Forgotten Army’ of largely Birmingham soldiers and Indian Army Regulars who saved India from annexation and invasion by the Imperial Japanese Army which would have been the end of the British Empire and a bigger humiliation than the British surrender of Singapore in 1941…… I have suggested that the new bar be named ‘Bill’s Bar’ after Viscount William ‘Bill’ Slim however not everyone wants to be reminded of the past and the Second World War as for some it has painful memories…….more’s the pity……There are blue Birmingham Civic Society Plaques on the houses in Poplar Avenue to honour Major Herbert James VC who won his medal at Gallipoli and Viscount Slim. When Chris Sutton of The Smethwick Museum…..’The Museum in the Park (Victoria Park Lodge on Smethwick High Street, rather appropriately next to the magnificent War Memorial) approached Birmingham City Council to see if they would name roads on the new Housing Estate built in Poplar Avenue on the site of the former Cardinal Newman Roman Catholic Secondary School, another piece of our ‘lost heritage’…….after Viscount Bill Slim and Major Herbert James VC and he did not even receive the courtesy of a reply……If we do not pay heed to our history then we risk repeating the mistakes of the past’…..a quote which comes to mind here, especially with what is happening in Ukraine, where the west is trying to stand up to another bully……in Russia, led by the aggressive, ambitious Vladimir Putin, an ex-Head of the KGB…….Enough said……………………………………………

  40. Len says:

    Tap The Tellers

  41. JMARSHALL says:


  42. Frank Brannigan says:

    How about The Money Box i’am sure there will be lots of savings

  43. Mike says:

    Search for old Pupils from Cardinal Newmans School, Poplar Avenue – circa 1971-1976

    I used to live in Ladywood.

    Just a long shot?


  44. James Boran says:

    ‘The Grey Lady’ would be great, in honour of the spectre that is said to haunt Warley woods.

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