Notice of temporary road closure

In order to facilitate the installation of new electricity ducts by Western Power Distribution on Sunday 16th March 2014, Adkins Lane, Smethwick (betweenMilcote Road and Lightwoods Road) will be closed.

Traffic will be diverted via Milcote Road, St Marys Road, Lightwoods Road and vice-versa.

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5 Responses to Notice of temporary road closure

  1. Ann Jaron says:

    Is this related to the mysterious ugly black box in the park?

    • Bob says:

      No, apparently that’s got something to do with hi-speed internet.

      • Steve Eling says:

        It is related to the ugly black box after all. I don’t know who decided that the box would go there, it surely could have been put behind a wall in the car park, but I have instructed that it must be shifted. This will probably mean that the electricity supply can now not be done this Sunday though.

  2. David Jones says:

    The mystery of the black box is solved! It is a random place to place something so ugly. Glad it is being moved. The way it appeared was quite sinister (I think I watch too much Dr Who).

    • Steve Eling says:

      Just a lack of thought on the location I think. The new electric supply to the park will still go ahead on Sunday but just be what is called a “pot end” cable. Where the box will go is yet to be decided, but in a position where it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. The cable can be extended to it then. Just a good job its been sorted before the cable was connected and equipment installed.

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