The gift that keeps on giving…

Simon Lea's latest on the Warley Woods page…



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6 Responses to The gift that keeps on giving…

  1. keithbracey says:

    Brilliant Bearwood’s ‘Golden Glow’!………Simon’s sunset at Wondrous Warley Woods……

  2. keithbracey says:

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    Brilliant Bearwood’s Golden Glow at Wondrous Warley Woods!

  3. smithy says:

    I love my warley woods,but why the hell have so many trees been hacked down along barclay road,let nature and the wind look after the woods not a mechanic saw, the odd few yes, but to trail blaze that many down,any answers ????

    • Bob says:

      I love the Woods too, but I’m afraid that doesn’t make me an expert on trees. I’m sure Kate from Warley Woods will give you a full explanation, but my understanding of it was a case of thinning out the trees to allow others to fully develop, but also to allow light through to the undergrowth.

    • Kate Slade says:

      Smithy, I am one of the trustees of Warley Woods and will try and answer your question. The information about the tree felling has been on the notice boards around the site since last Autumn – it may now have been taken down. There is still work to be done in the areas of felling, including tidying and planting new trees and understorey, but this has not been possible because the ground has been so boggy. The work is all part of the Woodland Management plan which the Trust has in place and is available to read on the website I’m afraid that managing woodland does not just entail letting nature take its course. We have to continue to plant for new generations, and trees also come to the end of their life – as has happened with the birches that were felled at the Lightwoods Hill and of Barclay Road. It is a continuous process of change and regrowth.

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