May Day parking

Last year due to the number of people who attended the Lightwoods May Day festival there was chaos in the surrounding roads. People living close to Warley Woods have grown use to parking problems on the day of the Woods picnic, but the May Day parking problems were in a whole different league. Many people just seemed to abandon their cars without any consideration for people who lived in the area and whose drives they were blocking, or whether their inconsiderate and reckless parking was clogging up the roads. Lightwoods Hill turned into a giant car park for a while as buses could not get through, and fortunately emergency vehicles hadn't had to get through.

So, this year we are talking to the police and highways and making arrangements to create a one-way system around some of the roads, and introducing no parking/residents only parking on some roads. Strict traffic enforcement will be carried out, tickets will be issued, and cars causing an obstruction will be towed away!

We are opening the top part of the park for car parking, and people are urged to use public transport where possible. Last year thousands arrived and parked sensibly, but there were also some selfish individuals who parked without thinking of others. We will have signage up clearly indicating no parking, and those who ignore the signs will do so at their cost, so, if you have to drive, please park considerately.

Details of the traffic arrangements will be publicised as widely as we can in advance of Mayday.



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3 Responses to May Day parking

  1. Smithy says:

    Why don’t they just close the bus lane on the hagley road and let cars park from the harvester to the kings head in the bus lane.The hagley road will have less traffic flowing on a bank holiday anyway. ????

    • I think that would create an issue regarding health and safety Smithy. Also how would someone with a pushchair for instance be able to get on a bus with cars parked (possibly bumper to bumper) in the bus lane?

      • Smithy says:

        Bus stop outside the harvester,bus stop outside the kings head,no cars. ??.Close the dog bus stop not a issue !!

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