Licence application update

Local CAMRA member John Kelly has been in touch with Black Country Ales about their licence application and has sent us this update:

I've recently been speaking to a senior manager from Black Country Ales. I mentioned their proposed pub in Bearwood and they said they had read the blog and were very appreciative of the positive comments. Apparently they aren't intending to comment on the blog themselves as they don't want to be seen to preempt the planning and licensing applications.

I asked about the music licence and was told that the pub, if the planning application is successful, would have the same ethos as their current estate, a quiet atmosphere where you can enjoy a conversation in convivial company supping a decent pint or two. They've applied for the music licence to cover themselves for low key activities, such as '…for example Morris Men…' for which a music licence is required. I was particularly pleased to be told that the pub would be aiming for the slightly older more mature clientele and there would be '…no pool tables for instance…'.

They are mindful that the planning application still has to be determined, but if they are successful then all in all I was very pleased with what they are hoping to do with the new pub. It will be a real improvement to the high street, it will provide somewhere decent, that is not a food led pub, to have a drink locally and I'm sure will become the sort of community pub that will enhance our neighbourhood.

John Kelly


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