Some more living walls

These are some examples of the flexibility around the concept of 'living walls' that we would like to adopt in some form in Bearwood.

Marks & Spencers, Sheffield

Sutton High Street

New Street Station, Birmingham

Aile Street, London


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5 Responses to Some more living walls

  1. David says:

    Who cuts the hedges and keeps them tidy?

  2. Sheila Birch says:

    What a wonderful addition they could be. GREEN, growing , alive – sounds like Bearwood is on the up!

  3. Smithy says:

    About time bearwood “branched out”, the walls of aldi/argos would suit this project best.

  4. Matt Bullock says:

    Superb idea, they look great in London when I have seen them and next to Snow Hill station in town. Maybe the foliage, or certainly a percentage of it could be purchased from Webbs in Bearwood, further supporting the local economy at the same time. This would improve the high street immeasurably.

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