License application now in for new Bearwood bar

I have received the Licensing application for the new pub on the site of the HSBC bank.

Application for a new public house at 526 – 528 Bearwood Road, Smethwick.

Premises is disused HSBC bank and is to be converted to pub.

Hours 1000 – midnight . Live music, recorded music, late night refreshment and alcohol for consumption on and off the premises. Opening hours 1000 – 0030.

Any representations must be received by 12th March.

Given what people have been saying about the nature of a 'real ale bar' and the issues raised by neighbours, I'm not sure the application for live and recorded music is the smartest move.

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21 Responses to License application now in for new Bearwood bar

  1. Jon Harris says:

    fingers crossed it goes through eh. gagging for a pint…

  2. Paul Miller says:

    If by Live Music, they are considering Acoustic/”Unplugged” music, I am hoping to be involved at the first possible opportunity. On the other hand, if they are intending on putting loud Rock Bands on, then the music proposal would be tantamount to suicide with particular regard to the residents of Wattis Road. I would suggest considering steering the proposal towards Acoustic-ish music!

  3. Sheila Finn says:

    I agree with Paul Miller. I really hope this doesn’t slip away because of the live music request

  4. Tony coleman says:

    I Can’t see what the problem is with live music? The property is on a main High St. Don’t buy a property near a main high st and expect the same tranquillity as if you where living in the middle of the countryside! Silvershine Jazz Club (Ex Corks Club) has a music licence and is in much closer in proximity to residential properties. In any case It’s Highly unlikely that a pub of this nature would be playing Drum and bass, Hip Hop or Heavy Metal (Not that there’s anything wrong with these musical genres) I just wish the nimbies of certain Bearwood roads would actually stop being so precious and onsider the alternatives? Another fried chicken shop, kebab shop or take away? Bookies, pawn broker or pound shop?….Bring it on!….All Hale To The Ale!

  5. I would be in favour of a real ale bar, but most assuredly against amplified music:I’m a local, from just over the boundary in the publess zone of North Edgbaston.

  6. Steve Holder says:

    Bearwood needs a decent, specialst real ale pub, it doesn’t need another, noisy entertainment venu that backs onto residential properties. An accoustic venue sounds about right.

  7. keithbracey says:

    Hear! Hear! Tony Coleman, Ken Bladon and Steve Holder…….there is no room to swing a cat in the proposed pub so I can’t see them having a 4 piece heavy metal band or a Jazz Octet playing there…..They may have a ‘Folk Night’ (great for a place like Bearwood IMHO!) or an acoustic guitar strummer or a Jazzman…….Not a problem for me…..let’s think of positive additions to Bearwood instead of being nimbies and putting obstacles before every new development……PLEASE!

  8. John Kelly says:

    Apart from the obvious I’m not sure exactly what else a ‘live music’ licence covers, but if one is required for any use of an amplifier then it could just be that they need it for something like a quiz night. Black Country Ales may just be covering all their bases, they have to apply for an alcohol licence and have just added the others to save time and money later.

    It would be a shame if this fails because of the (mostly) understandable concerns of the Wattis Road residents (Tony Coleman’s comments re buying a house near a high st. are not helpful in trying to reassure the Wattis Road residents). Perhaps BCA could be shown this blog and its comments (and the previous one announcing the planning permission) so that they can comment on their plans. I’m sure it would be good publicity for them, help them start to build a real community pub feeling for their new pub and help allay the fears of some residents.


  9. John Kelly says:

    Just an update to my comment above. I’ve just emailed Black Country Ales with a link to the blog and asked if they would like to comment. Hopefully we will hear something from them about their plans for the pub.


  10. Simon Cornforth says:

    Bearwood is overrun with fast food restaurants so the addition of a real ale bar which I imagine will be nicely decorated and furnished will be a nice addition to Bearwood High Street! It would nice to see people get behind this instead of complaining or else I can see it getting turned into yet another restaurant!

  11. rosemarie hadley says:

    If the management of this new pub keep the ‘undesirables’ out, I’m sure it would be a really nice addition to Bearwood.

  12. Viv says:

    its a great idea, or it will end up being another pound trash shop. I back the Ale bar!

  13. Michael says:

    It’s a superb plan that will without doubt improve Bearwood, I really hope this goes through. Bob, could you let us know how we can make representations to support the application please.

    • Bob says:

      Any representations must be made before 12th March Michael, to
      Malcolm Strong,
      Trading Standards and Licensing
      Homes and Communities Directorate
      Sandwell Council House
      PO Box 2372
      Oldbury B69 3BS

  14. Matt Bullock says:

    I fully support the application as this is just what Bearwood and the high street needs given that this building has been empty for months.Given the current real ale desert that is Bearwood the application from Black County inns is most welcome. What certain individuals fail to realise is that many Bearwood residents visit and spend money in Harborne and Birmingham city centre in pubs which serve good real ale and have a decent clientele (due in no small part to the fact those establishments serve real ale). This is money that Bearwood is missing out on which is being spent elsewhere. With this application there may actually finally be somewhere in Bearwood where I can go for a good pint with a clientele who actually care what they drink and not just how much they drink. It would be nice to see some positivity from Mr Piper in support rather than focusing on the supposed negative of a music licence!

    • Bob says:

      Matt, I’ve made it perfectly clear that I support the bar. I don’t think it is negative to point out that it may not be the smartest move to request a licence for amplified music given the close proximity of neighbouring residents who have made it clear they are opposed to the bar. As it is, I suspect the licensing committee would be likely to approve the bar, but put restrictions on the amplified music, which seems a pretty good compromise to me.

    • keithbracey says:

      Hear! Hear! The silence in support of this application is deafening from people who are supposed to be promoting and supporting Bearwood………I am all for this new pub as I use The Wellington in Bennetts Hill in Birmingham City Centre.

      Bearwood does need a decent pub that caters for the ‘more mature’ drinker…..I know we have the King’s Head but you have to have a bank loan to venture in there and as we know from Smethwick in a Stew ( I was a volunteer there until I found a job!) there are people in Bearwood without two ha’pennies to rub together, good on yer Black Country Ales….

      I would love to see the pub called ‘The Midland Red’ echoing the Bearwood Bus Company which had its HQ in Rutland Road and echoing the building’s former use as a ‘Midland’ Bank….what do other Bearwoodians think……?

      I hope to see Black Country Ales further supporting Bearwood by being involved in the Real Ale Bar at Bearwood’s Mayday Festival In Lightwoods Park on Monday May 7th……..

      Brilliant Bearwood, Super Smethwick!

      • Bob says:

        Keith, you must be living in a parallel universe! The comments on the new pub on this blog and in the social media has been overwhelmingly in favour!!!

      • Keith Bracey says:

        Still a few Nimbies, Nay-Sayers and Never in my back Yarders Bob……particularly pertinent when you consider the adjacent alleyway which runs beside the proposed pub…….Get behind the “Midland Red” or these kind folk will take their proposed investment elsewhere……Mark my words! That applies to councillors with their eye on the Ballot box rather than the beer barrels……….LOL!!!

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