You wait years for one lot of roadworks…

…and then two come together. We’ve waited about 7 years for Birmingham City Council to start the roadworks at the Kings Head. But we are patient people, and we are pleased they have decided to finally get started.

Now we are told that in the first week in March they have announced they intend to close part of Sandon Road for resurfacing every night for a week, and divert the traffic via… the King’s Head junction at at Hagley Road!

Here are the details…Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 17.13.48 Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 17.17.01

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2 Responses to You wait years for one lot of roadworks…

  1. A Jinks says:

    …and what feedback have you given them?

    • Bob says:

      We’ve pointed out it may not be the most sensible time to close the road, but as it is the same council, using the same contractor, I rather suspect they already know. Hopefully they will now not work on the Kings Head junction during the night when Sandon Road is also closed.

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