News on the ‘Mill

The Council has received a planning application to demolish the Thimblemill Pub and propose a change of use…



More details here


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10 Responses to News on the ‘Mill

  1. richard says:

    Bob, can you ensure that Planners explore every possibility of the owners at least retaining some of the original building and converting rather than demolishing?

    • Bob says:

      Richard, I’m not on the planning committee so I would advise anyone who is interested in retaining the essential fabric of the original building – assuming that is still possible given the way they have run it down – to make a submission to the planning committee.

  2. phil kelly says:

    had many a pint in the mill before going to the dance @ the baths
    sad but times change phil

  3. Keith Bracey says:

    How long before The Abbey goes the same way?

    Mind you I am glad to see that a potential replacement for The Thimblemill Pub is being considered at the former Midland Bank premises on Bearwood Road by Black Country Taverns and Inns……

    How about calling any new pub in that building ‘The Midland Red’ after its former use as a Midland Bank and echoing Bearwood’s own bus company, which was once a major Bearwood employer: ‘The Midland Red’…..?

    • Phil kelly says:

      I lived in abbey rd as a very young lad and when i started work my first pint was in the Abbey with my mom and dad great memories now live in stourport but still visit bearwood phil

  4. Angela Calder says:

    Have lived in Derbyshire for the last 42 years but spent many nights in both the Thimblemill and Abbey pubs with my then future husband. Very sad to see the state of them now when I pass whilst visiting family..

  5. Maxine Bartram says:

    Maxine Bartram says
    I lived in the Thimble Mill Pub for a long time my Father Les Holder was the Manager of the Mill for over 25 years he would be very upset if he could see it now i also was very upset when i went past it the other day.

    • Paul Weston says:

      Just found out about the Thimblemill pub’s future. We’re you the girl that did work experience with myself and Phan in the jewellery quarter at the design office?

  6. Pete Millership says:

    It is Sunday 26th October 2014 and the Mill is demolished….a sad day for many!

    • Bob says:

      I’m sure it is Peter, but if as many people had used it regularly when it was open in recent years who are now mourning its passing…it may have still been open.

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