It was cold and wet and worth it…

We received a warm welcome this morning on our latest street surgery. Over 800 properties leafleted earlier in the week, and despite the wild and wet weather the people around Lightwoods Hill, and Monmouth, Devon and Harborne Roads gave us a cheery welcome when we did our rounds this morning. Then we hopped in the car over the hill and covered the roads between the Pheasant pub through to Trinder Road.

One of the issues which cropped up was about people parking on the grass verges outside houses. With the recent wet weather it has churned up the grass and made a muddy mess of the pavements. We'll be asking Highways to write to people pointing out that they shouldn't park on the grassed areas, and if they persist they will be risking a visit from the parking wardens.

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1 Response to It was cold and wet and worth it…

  1. Keith Bracey says:

    Well done Bob, Steve and Ann……………..

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