Planning Application

One planning application for Abbey Ward on this week’s list that may be of general interest….

More details via the Council’s Planning Portal here.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 09.17.42

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 09.23.24

(picture via Google Maps)

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38 Responses to Planning Application

  1. John Kelly says:

    The applicant, Black Country Traditional Inns is a local brewer (Old Bulls Head, Lower Gornal), and their application letter states they are applying for a change of use from a bank to a REAL ALE public house. So this will not be some trendy metro cocktail bar.

    Black Country have several successful real ale pubs in the region including the Wellington in Birmingham (several times winner of the Birmingham CAMRA pub of the year award) and the re-opened Craven Arms, by the MailBox (only reopened last year, but already recognised as an outstanding real ale pub, being voted into third place in this years Birmingham CAMRA pub of the year awards).

    Given the applicants record as a pub operator, this change of use will bring a welcome breath of fresh air to the high street and can only be of benefit to the wider Bearwood community. Can’t wait to be supping my first pint of BFG (Bradley Finest Golden) Black Country Ales signature bitter.


  2. John Somers says:

    I agree with John, this is a real breath of fresh air for Bearwood. Planning applications aren’t just there to object to, such an application like this needs all the support from the local community as well. As a Bearwood resident, I’ll be submitting a letter of support, and I urge everyone else to do the same!



  3. Paul Miller says:

    At last, something worthy of support. This is a real fillip after the relentless march of Takeaways, Charity Shops, Pound Shops, Letting agencies etc. I look forward with anticipation to the introduction of a proper Pub on Bearwood Road.

  4. Andy says:

    I am in huge support of giving bearwood more than football and fighting. A welcome addition as far as I can see.

  5. 3 Wheels. says:

    Great idea. Let’s give it all our support,Bring Bearwood back to how it used to be.

  6. Michael says:

    Excellent news for Bearwood! Let’s hope this is the first of many new ventures in our high street, can’t think of a better use for this charming property.

  7. Keith Bracey says:

    We have needed another Pub in Bearwood for years with the closure of The Barleycorn at the bottom of Bearwood Road and ‘Dirty Bet’s’…..AKA ‘The Talbot’ on Hagley Road near the King’s Head on the edge of Bearwood and the ‘drinking desert’ between The Bear Hotel, a working person’s pub and the King’s Head which has gone upmarket and whose prices are beyond the reach of most Bearwoodians and Smethwickians, who are ordinary people badly affected by the current Government’s austerity programme…..

    Let’s hope it’s an ordinary little boozer…..?

    I have clamoured on this site for a couple of years that we NEED a Wetherspoons pub in Bearwood

    How much better The Bear would be if it was a Wetherspoons, done tastefully like the new Wetherspoons in Oldbury, not far away, ‘The Court of Requests’?

    The Court has been tastefully restored into a local community pub and is well patronised…..

    Also one other thing….perhaps this will force the landlord of The Bear to ‘up their game’ and stop catering for the ‘Lowest Common Denominator’ like the Samba Lounge does

    The Samba Lounge should be closed due to the mayhem it causes on the streets of Bearwood late at night, at ‘kicking out’ (quite literally!) time…..

    Get rid of the Samba Lounge….it’s a dump and a ‘Den of Iniquity’ in my opinion!

    • Mandy says:

      Totally agree about Samba. Badly run by people who don’t have a clue.
      All they think about is lining their pockets instead of thinking of the impact it has on the area.
      Over the last year the place has got worse with the wrong crowd coming from other areas to indulge in wrongdoings.
      Close it and Bearwood would get better overnight!!!

    • Jon O'brien says:

      Keith, a Wetherspoon is the absolute last thing Bearwood needs!!!! Wetherspoon goes against everything that you said that you wanted in Bearwood. Wetherspoons is little more than a homing beacon for low life. The sooner BCT open in Bearwood the better!!!

  8. Keith Bracey says:

    Well done Angus McMeeking my mate from Dixonians Rugby Football Club whom I have known for over 20 years and who is also MD of Black Country Traditional Inns, whose Planning Application for the former Midland Bank building on Bearwood Road this is.

    At last a decent ‘Real Ale’ pub in Bearwood… The Wellington in Bennetts Hill in Colmore Row……Well done Gussie!

  9. Lyndsey plant says:…new jobs….new lease of life for bearwood!!!!! Long time coming!! Welcomed with open arms

  10. daivd says:

    Once again I see Samba Lounge is in line for an unjust slating! On what grounds can Kieth Bracey say this? Not only about the bar but also its customers if he has never been in the bar as it its obviously below his standing in Bearwood. What mayhem? what time? why a den of iniquity? why a dump? When the bar has been cleaned up over the last 2 years so much so as the police, environmental health and the licencing have not only no problem with the bar but at the begining of 2013 granted a permanent extension to opening hours DUE TO THE CHANGE in the bar…..

    • Frank kimble says:

      Been drinking around bearwood for 20-25 years now have seen some things change for the worse and samba lounge is not one of them. Don’t get me wrong it’s not the same as when terry and Jamie had it but times change, Dave and max do a good job has been better but it could be 100 times worse. It’s clean no trouble so in my book it’s a good place.
      keith bracey should take a walk down to the abbey thats what you call “den of iniquity ” scabby as known now by the local people.
      Give it a few years the Abbey will be closed down same as the mill, barleycorn and talbot. Samba will be closed too can’t see it lasting another year to be honest, you will only have the bear left and the kings head and the dog.

    • Craig says:

      As a person that has worked in the security industry for many years and who currently works as a doorman at the bear tavern I believe that tge samba bar gets a bad rap the owners now have worked wonders for that place and are verry kind hearted people willing to help any one for a venue of its size the door team there are second to none and are verry capable of dealing with the small amount of trouble making idiots tgat any pub or venue would get in the Smethwick /bearwood area its a testiment to both tge owners and all the staff that the police feel comfortable leavin tgem to deal with it snd even stay and chat wen they can …people need to stop slating the samba lounge and on the not of a new pub on bearwood high street I think its a good idea and will b welcomed byall

    • Ruby says:

      I think both you and Maxine deserve a round of applause. You have both turned the bar around, it not only looks lovely but you have catered the needs of ALL ages. People are deeming it to be just the youth, but I know this is not the case. I think all of these negative people commenting need to open there eyes and maybe after actually visiting Samba they will realise what a friendly, multi-aged nice enviroment it is. I think its disgusting that people can comment on a place they haven’t even drank in, it just goes to show how small-minded some people really are. Even if they do open a new pub Dave, you and Max will still thrive to do and be the best you can do! You’ve proved that already!

  11. jesse marks says:

    I think this is a good thing for bearwood. Samba is a youth club will be nice to have a decent place to drink without the kiddies kicking off.

  12. robert says:

    The samba bar is a place i have been made to feel welcome when i come home to birmingham after 27 years in the army it is unusual to find a bar where i am made to feel welcome

  13. Jon O'brien says:

    Fantastic news for bearwood as long as it maintains the standard it has at its other venues and has a STRONG policy of having sensible clientele. A huge positive for Bearwood and a great step to rebuild some credability to the highstreet. From a local industry professional with 12yrs exp.

  14. bev pinches says:

    me and my partner frequently visit the samba barand enjoy the drink,the friendlyness and dave and maxine always make you feel welcome it is far from a dump,and altho a new pub on bearwood road would be nice nothing wrong with samba bar,how can people judge when they dont even drink in there?i agree with other comments the abbey is an awful dreary and depressing pub and nicknamed the scabby by locals…well done dave n max…keep up the good work.

    • Bob says:

      I suspect the new bar will appeal to its own clientele, as does the Samba , the Abbey and the other bars in Bearwood. I don’t think there is any useful purpose in users of the various bars to spend their time and energies slagging off other bars on social media. It does none of you any favours.

  15. Keith Bracey says:

    Hear! Hear! Bob, ……the voice of reason and sanity! I obviously rattled a few cages with my comments about the Samba….

    I remain to be convinced that it is any good for Bearwood….

    Each to his or her own I suppose….

    I don’t suppose you get many real ale drinkers in The Samba Lounge….eh?

    Fizzy lager, Stella, and Carlsberg Special Brew for the kiddies in there and of course cider would be their beverages of choice I expect…..?

    Rather have a decent coffee at the nearby Coffee Lounge run by Queen Alexandra College for the Blind…..

    I expect the only time that the clientele of the Samba Lounge drink coffee is when they are trying to sober up after another night getting blotto in that awful place…….?????

    Mind you I agree about The Abbey…..its the pits!

  16. daivd says:

    There is nothing wrong with another bar/pub in Bearwood I myself am partial to real ale that’s why we sell it at Samba however if its just going to be another target for the small minded people of Bearwood (a very small minority may I add) who can only slate and run people and their businesses down over web media, then it would be a travesty. These people in the past who have slated us haven’t even got the presence of mind to come and speak to Maxine and myself so we can try and accommodate and overcome their problems working with instead of against the local businesses and residents like we have with local police and environmental health to reduce the noise and disturbance Samba used to cause over 2 years ago all of which unlike the bad comments can be backed up by the afore mentioned bodies that big improvements have been made however there is always room for more if only people would have the common courtesy to tell us face to face. Maxine and myself will both be in the bar Friday afternoon and Saturday before 3pm to all those slating us whom I will not name as you know who you are come and talk to us like mature grownups not children. There are a lot of comments about Bearwood becoming a ghost town and places closing down and people wanting to attract new businesses ! Im sorry but any potencial new business owner who happened to see the way the Bearwood web media was been used to slate businesses and their owners off they would run a mile.

  17. daivd says:

    THANK YOU BOB for what seems an eternity you finally have a positive comment-backing Samba in these malicious and slanderous unfounded comments, which could be took as deformation of Maxine’s and my characters.
    Mr K Bracey needs to really visit Samba as he couldn’t be further from the truth.
    Yes we do sell Larger and Stella and yes it is fizzy does this man not know its supposed to be that’s why there is a widget in the bottom of the glass if it was served flat people would complain and we don’t want that do we? The beverages we serve are NESCAFE and TETLEY these are free of charge at all times and are consumed quite a lot even on Friday and Saturday night by all ages! As for real ale yes we have a good following the BATHAMS went out really quick as did the GOLDEN GLOW, DOOMBAR, PENDAL WITCH, BOMBADIER, TRIBUTE, BLACK CAT , BLOND WITCH need I go on !!!!!
    This bar is run by two people who are trying to create something good in the area— actually put back in to the community and not just line our own pockets for example St PATRICKS , St GEORGES, HELP THE HEROSE , THE FIRST SANTAS GROTTO IN 60 YEARS, FREE XMAS LUNCH for some of our lonely and old customers as well as FREE HOT PORK/ CHICKEN COBS Boxing day for anyone who wanted.
    We are a bar that supports HER MAJASTIES armed forces with shields on display given to us by serving and veteran soldiers two who have just returned from Afghan.
    I think Mr Bracey needs to publicly apologise on the same web media and visit us in person to see how wrong he his in his comments of course you to are invited Bob.

  18. richard says:

    Keith, Dave and Maxine have the best intentions for the Samba and how they can play their part for Bear wood, as Daventry has said he is in the bar Friday, happy to meet you there mate and see for yourself , beers on me

  19. dave says:

    I am more than happy to pay for a pint of fizzy larger or real ale guys

  20. leanne says:

    I think that the samba lounge in bearwood is a great little bar and I for One think Dave and maxine have done a wonderful job with the place people are made to feel very welcome there and people who are small minded and slag the place off should go in there and try it t need I say more

  21. Sandra speers says:

    I’m absolutely delighted to hear that hopefully we will have a real ale pub in bearwood. I often visit the Wellington in town and love the atmosphere in there. Instead of Pickering about other pubs and what drinks people choose to drink let’s all get behind this venture and give it our full support. Come on guys there room for everyone. I’ve never been in the samba bar myself but after reading all the comments on this site I might just give it a go. Sounds like a friendly place and I’m sure I would get a warm welcome even if I did want a fizzy lager or dare I say a pint of cider

  22. David Jones says:

    Taking the conversation back to this new pub development… It will be fantastic to see that building (the former HSBC bank) reopened. It’s a landmark on the High St and one that looks so sad as it stands empty.

    I’m a fan of the Wellington. If they bring their style (“no TV, no music, no food but please feel free to bring your own – here’s a knife and fork”) then that’ll be a fantastic grown up addition to Bearwood.

    I wonder what it’ll be called.

  23. Smithy says:

    A real ale bar,M&S food Hall,and a good bookstore,would bring life back into bearwood….Bring back Preedys.
    What’s going on with the Mill ????????? Talk about bringing the area down !!!!!!!!!!

    • Bob says:

      Smithy, I agree 100% with your wish list. It was always my ambition to open a coffee /bookstore/artisan bread shop in Bearwood. If I win the lottery, eh? (Although my good lady constantly reminds me that requires actually buying a ticket in the first instance).
      The Thimblemill has been bought by some developers who want to have a change of use (which I cannot reveal on the grounds of commercial confidentiality) away from a pub, and if asked to guess I would say they are probably looking for someone else to demolish it for them!

  24. Paul says:

    I didn’t realise there were any real ales served at the samba lounge?
    If they are then I will most certainly pop by to give them a try.

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