At last…

After over 8 years of waiting, the road works to remove the subway and create a surface crossing for pedestrians at the Hagley Road Kings head junction… is underway!

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6 Responses to At last…

  1. Teresa Nikolic says:

    Fantastic news!!! Well done to all involved in getting this to happen 🙂

  2. Keith Bracey says:

    Brill! ……Perhaps Bearwood can move forward once the roadworks and re-configuration of the Kings Head Junction with Lordswood Road and Bearwood Road are complete……?

    Don’t hold your breath working with Birmingham City Council, where I worked for nearly 20 years!

  3. Debra B.-K. says:

    I’m no longer living in Bearwood, but I come back to visit every now and then. This is great news, especially for women who might need to use the underway at night. Well done! no matter how long it takes them !

  4. hazel shipton says:

    am i missing something but i have been to this junction for the last 3 days and have seen nothing or no one perhaps im in a parallel universe!

    • Bob says:

      No Hazel, I think you’re still in this one, you’re OK. There’ve been a couple of very minor delays with the contractors, but, finger’s crossed, I’ve been told it’s nothing serious.

  5. Alice eden says:

    What was the problem with the subway?
    I am new to the area so am in the dark about all this.

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