Smethwick in a Stew

(Via Enjoy Bearwood on Facebook)

We all know that Christmas is about getting together with family and friends and eating to excess…..but for one reason or another not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to do that….

So the good folk down at Dorothy Parkes Centre on Church Road, Smethwick opposite The Old Chapel are laying on hot food all over the festive season from today onward Mon to Fri 2pm – 4pm.

You can go along and eat for FREEEE……have a cup of tea and a chat…..or just sit and mope….no need to feel too proud……or feel like your being judged….these guys are more than Happy to spend their Christmas to be there for YOU.

The project is called 'Smethwick in a Stew'…….and we're hearing that it is likely to expand in the New Year with some of our good friends from TEAM BEARWOOD getting involved….but more about that later……


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1 Response to Smethwick in a Stew

  1. Keith Bracey says:

    Brilliant idea!

    Super Smethwick thinking of others at this family time of year……when some folk are on their own, especially the elderly, who would enjoy a bit of company!

    Let’s hope Brilliant Bearwood’s ‘Team Bearwood’ led by the incomparable ‘Community Champion’ Richard Marshall!

    By the way SMBC where’s his and ‘Team Bearwood’s’ Award from Sandwell Council, Darren Cooper, Steve Eling and Bob Piper……..???????

    The fantastically successful Bearwood Lightwoods Park May Day Festival, when the sun shone and 20000 people enjoyed Bearwood’s hospitality…… the Drive-In Movie success of Mamma Mia! ….and the success of our Heritage Lottery Fund Bid for Lightwood’s Park and House led by the committed, hard-working and diligent Cherie O’Sullivan, SMBC’s Project Manager for The HLF Bid and for Lightwood’s Park and House…..they all deserve a mention and a ‘gong’ IMHO……!!!!!!

    Let’s hope ‘Team Bearwood’ can get involved and bring this fantastic initiative for those less fortunate than ourselves to our town……’Brilliant Bearwood’!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all!

    Here’s to a better 2014! (I say that as one of the massed ranks of the ‘workless’!, it sounds so much better than ‘unemployed’ and I am ‘seeking my next challenging opportunity’ rather than looking for a job!

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