U’V got to be barmy to burgle in Bearwood

A crime prevention initiative between the police and Abbey Ward councillors is to be extended across the whole of Bearwood. The scheme, which is already up and running, involves the use of a special pen that will mark any item be it a soft or hard surface with the marking showing up under ultra violet light.

The scheme, which is already up and running, involves the use of a special pen that will mark any item be it a soft or hard surface with the marking showing up under ultra violet light. Under this ground breaking initiative Abbey Councillors have financed enough pens to supply all of of the Ward's 100 plus Community Contacts, who will then be tasked with making sure that as many houses as possible within their Road are postcode protected. The address will be logged by police and if the property subsequently gets burgled, stolen items will be much easier to identify.

As an addition to this, local 'cash convertor' stores and pawnbrokers will be issued with handheld UV readers to check items bought in by customers. These shops are regularly checked by police for stolen property and obviously it is in their interest not to be found in possession of stolen goods because they can be prosecuted and the goods will be seized.

Anyone interested in joining our list of Abbey Community Contacts, where you will get regular updates on crime and anti-social behaviour, as well as giving you an opportunity to raise issues with the Council and the police… Contact Santokh via: santokh_singh@sandwell.gov.uk.


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9 Responses to U’V got to be barmy to burgle in Bearwood

  1. Elaine Hook says:

    Hello Bob, What a wonderful idea, well done to the police and local councillors!
    Could I ask you to post a blog in support of the Thimblemill Library’s upcoming Christmas event on Saturday 14th December at 7.00p.m.
    It is a musical evening with us – Brandhall Community Choir, doing Christmas songs and carols, with some surprising twists! Also appearing with us are The Ukulele Union and Ship Of Fools.
    I am informed by Julie McKirdy at the library that the ticket price includes a mince pie and mulled wine. Should be a really good night, to put everyone in the Christmas mood and spread some seasonal good cheer!

    Kind Regards
    Elaine Hook

  2. Keith Bracey says:

    Brilliant Bearwood……Birmingham’s Best!

    • Bob says:

      Or Sandwell’s even…

      • Keith Bracey says:

        Comme ci………Comme ca…..Bob…….As a true Bearwoodian like me you will know that parts of Bearwood lie within Edgbaston in Birmingham……when I lived at 116 Willow Avenue our postal code was B17 8HE…….a Brummagem postcode mate….. and what’s more I have ALWAYS considered myself a Brummie Bracey rather than a Sandwellian….. a conflation at best…….Frankly matey I would rather be known as a Smethwickian….. a proud British Borough rather than someone from non-descript Sandwell…..the die was cast when as an 11 year old Birmingham schoolboy I chose George Dixon Grammar School for Boys over Holly Lodge Grammar School in Smethwick…….enough said methinks……..Brilliant Birmingham and Bearwood!!!!!!!!!

      • Bob says:

        But Keith, dearest, your comment about ‘Birmingham’s best’ comes under a post describing an initiative which is taking place wholly in Sandwell, sponsored by Sandwell Council and Sandwell police, and however brilliant you may think Birmingham is…this initiative is bugger all to do with them!

  3. Feverfew says:

    This is excellent news and very much what we’ve come to expect from Santok. however – I am of the belief that the current derelict state of the Thimblemill pub is contrinuting to crime in the area – it’s currently used as a meeting point for drug dealers and there are drug users inhabiting the outer buildings for part of the day. until this is tackled, we wikl continue to have muggins like the recent attacks on park Road and Wigorn road.

    • Bob says:

      If you are aware that drug taking is taking place in the building you should phone the response team on 999, report it and get a log number. If you have done that and had no response, let me know, if you haven’t, then please do so.

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