Can anyone help?

I have received the following message from an honest citizen. If anyone can help try to relay this message to the person concerned I am sure it will be much appreciated.

I hope this finds you well. I'm writing because on Monday I found a drivers licence and a bunch of store cards in the street on Park Road Bearwood.

I've handed them into the police in Birmingham city centre who say that they'll try and get in touch on to return them, but I though it would be useful if you could post up a message the Blog to say that its been found and handed in. Would this be possible? I'm not sure that the person lives in Bearwood but they may have a friend or family locally who is a reader of the blog.

The persons name is Ms Suzanne Russell. I found her things on Monday 25th November on Park Road, Bearwood. They've been handed to a Police Community Support Officer in Birmingham city centre today.

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3 Responses to Can anyone help?

  1. Pauline Russell says:

    Suzanne Russell is our daughter and she did have her purse stolen on Monday. She was moved by the kindness of everyone involved and she thanks you all.

    • Steven Murray says:

      Hello Pauline. I’m the person who found the Suzanne’s things. Sorry to hear that her purse was stolen. I handed her things to a police Community Support Officer team at the Christmas market in Birmingham. They said that they’ll look up Suzanne’s details and will write to her to let her know what has been found. She should hear something quite soon. If not, she could try ringing the Steelhouse Lane police station in Birmingham.

      • Pauline Russell says:

        Thanks Steven. That answers a question, we have just phoned Steelhouse Lane Police and spoke to the property officer and they can find no trace of it being handed in as yet, so it’s just a matter of waiting for them to get in touch with her. Thank you so much for being that honest citizen and handing it in. We do appreciate your help.

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