An important announcement about Lightwoods Park

There is an update on the Lightwoods Park blog from Cherie O'Sullivan in respect of essential tree works in the Park.

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2 Responses to An important announcement about Lightwoods Park

  1. Diane says:

    With reference to the proposed removal of certain trees in Lightwoods Park. Are there any plans to re-plant with new saplings in the boundary areas of the park. Trees are a great asset they improve the air quality,they help to screen the Hagley Road traffic noise. They are the main attraction of Lightwoods Park.

  2. Cherie O'Sullivan says:

    Hi Diane

    Thank you for your response. I agree with you entirely that trees are a great asset and are one of the main attractions of Lightwoods Park. The trees we are removing are essential works.

    As stated at the foot of my message the replanting of native trees, shrubs and plants to offset the tree removals will be carried out under the main contract (which will start in Autumn 2014 and run through to 2016). We will be replacing trees along historic boundaries, reinstating historic field boundary lines with native tree species and reinstating the double oak avenue of oak trees to the historic arrangement.

    If will try to get the Tree Works Strategy uploaded to the blog so you are able to see it. (Note: this has not changed since the consultations which took place before the bid submission).

    Kind regards,


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